Should I Approach Guys And Ask Them Out First?: (2022 guide)

Being a woman who is looking for a potential partner is very hard, especially because it is more common for men to approach women to ask them out. It is common knowledge and that tendency is not very healthy for many women and even some men, so if you would like to approach guys and ask them out first then don’t worry because we have prepared some studies for you also with a quick guide to making it easier for you to approach them.

A woman who would like to approach a guy first must be a very brave person. But if you are one of those people who struggle with getting enough courage to approach so

me first as a woman, then you have to know that there is nothing wrong with approaching guys first, and others shouldn’t laugh at the person who does that.

Why man should approach a woman and not the opposite?

Unfortunately in 2022, there are hundreds of tendencies that are very common, and people take them as facts without thinking much about them. For example, small girls should play with dolls and small buy should not, but it is totally wrong because that boy can have a lot of fun while playing with dolls and if we as parents would prevent our children from doing that, we will limit their imagination, and teach them bad habits.

A similar situation will be when a woman would approach a man, people treat it as something uncommon, but if they think about it for a while then they realize that there is nothing weird about it, and it even is something good for everyone.

Men would like to be approached by women because that gives them a sign that they are looking good at that moment, and also that woman would realize her goal which is asking out that man for a date or just a phone number. There are no losers here but what if you get rejected or even worse, laughed at? Let’s talk about it.

What if I get laughed at?

It is the worst possible scenario but we have to tell you that it is very unlikely to get laughed at due to approaching someone and asking him out. Those things are very likely to happen in movies, but not, especially in real-life situations and we will tell you why is that.

People are generally good and don’t want to make sad other people, especially people who are being polite to them, like the person who is approaching them with a question. That’s even better because that gives the person who is approaching a higher chance to accomplish their goal which can be a date or just to get a phone number.

If that man is among other men then that means that they are most likely his friends that he hangouts with them, and they can do some weird noises, but if you keep go

ing with your question then you should be fine, and his friend will be jealous of him what will increase your chances of succeeding.

What if I get rejected after the approach?

There is a real chance that you will get rejected because if you think about it that guy can already have a

rlfriend-is-too-friendly" data-type="post" data-id="2936">girlfriend. That is the most common issue while approaching other people because you don’t know anything about them other than have they look.

A few minutes on a phone or first date will give you the necessary knowledge about that person, so don’t lose your head for that guy you don’t know anything about. And if you are brave enough to approach that guy then be prepared that he can have a reason to not go out with you.

Should I approach guys and ask them out first?
Should I approach guys and ask them out first?

You can’t force anyone to do what you want, also you can’t break other people’s relationships because you would like to be with that one special man. That’s not how it should work and you will be sad after that if you try breaking someone else’s relationship.

How can a girl approach a guy?

Fortunately for everyone, that tendency of “Only men should approach women” is slowly being forgotten, and many girls are trying their best to ask a guy who they like out for a date.

To make it simpler we will give you a quick guide on what to do if you want to have the highest chances and prevent any silly situations. The guide for approaching guys in 2022:

  • Think about what your goal is, do you want to make it quick and ask him for a date or do you just want to the slower route and ask him for his phone number.
  • Think about what you would like to ask him. You want to be quick or force a dialogue.
  • Look for a good moment. For example when he is standing and talking with his friends.
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  • Approach him and ask what you have thought about it.
  • Wait for his answer.
  • No matter his answer you have to be brave and face the consequences with a lot of courage.
  • If after all you will be rejected then don’t worry because there were high chances of it, because you don’t know anything about him. After a few tries, you will get better at it, and at some point, you will find a perfect partner for yourself!

    Let’s summarize this up – Should I approach guys and ask them out first?

    There are no rules that will prevent you from approaching guys first. It is not strictly reserved for men to do that, and know that many girls are doing it already. We live in an era of social media and times are a bit different from what our parents taught us.

    The chances of being laughed at are minimal but also the chances of getting a number are not 100%. We will say that your chances of accomplishment while approaching a guy will be around 60% due to psychological factors. It’s important that you won’t get mad after being rejected!

    You have to keep going and look for other guys out there, but if you struggle with it check out our guides for it “Best Idea For A Date – (Things You Have Never Tried Before)“.

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