Are Chubby Cheeks Attractive? – (Round Face In 2022)

Having a chubby figure doesn’t mean that your face will also look chubby. Your face is often the exact opposite of what your whole body type is. It is a very common thing in 2022, but what if you have a strong and fit body, but your face is still round and you don’t know what you can do about it? Maybe it is a positive thing and guys or women do find chubby cheeks attractive? Don’t worry because we did the research for you and we will answer the most common questions about round faces and their attractiveness.

From the recent poll that we have made on our site and also from data that we have gathered while searching the internet, we will explain it all to you in a detail bu

t if you don’t have time, then here is a short version for you. When it comes to women they prefer when a man has a more angular face with a sharp jawline, but men don’t mind if a woman has a round face. In general, a more angular type of face is more desired but there are some advantages to chubby cheeks, but why is that? And how you can make your face look more angular? Let’s talk about it.

Why round faces are not attractive?

It is very hard to determine if round faces are not attractive because everything depends on preferences. So for example when a group of people will have to decide on this topic we will get a lot of different answers.

One person can be attracted to round faces and another will not. So it all depends on a person you want to impress, and only you know who that person is and what are his or her preferences. That’s why a simple talk is very important in building a strong relationship because it can teach you many important things about the person you like.

are chubby cheeks attractive
Are chubby cheeks attractive?

Is jawline important for being attractive?

Angular jawline remembers us of some famous actors because there is a lot of recognizable actors that has angular jawline, also that jawline is a part of their fame.

The jawline is important because it helps other people remember your face, especially men. A more angular jawline helps men get attention from women because they are more likely to think about it later on.

There are a lot of people who have round faces which don’t help when it comes to remembering those faces, due to their similarities.

How can I make my face look more angular?

It is not a very easy thing to change how your face looks, but if you are great with makeup then it can be your solution. Learn about

//" data-type="post" data-id="2758">makeup that will make your face look more angular with shades.

There is also a harder way but also a very effective one, basically losing weight will make your face look thinner and more angular. Fat is not very

often stored on your face, but in small portions, unfortunately, is, also if you are well above your normal range of BMI that should definitely make be a good solution. It all depends on the DNA that your parents gave you but there is always a chance that you can reach your dream look.

So don’t give up and try to look for those opportunities, they both will give you great results and if you decide to lose some additional body fat then make sure to check out this article “If I Burn 3000 Calories A Week How Much Weight Will I Lose?“.

In summary – Are chubby cheeks attractive?

There are people who do love chubby cheeks but unfortunately, there are more people who dislike them, and that is a statistic from our recent poll. You have to know that majority of our audience are women so that means that women do prefer more angular men’s faces.

Don’t lose your hope too early and use our methods to make your face look more attractive, you can use makeup or even go on a diet, but remember to stay healthy and don’t force yourself too much. If you would like to know some real-life examples then check out this article “My Boyfriend Left Me Because I Am Too Skinny – How Probable?“.

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