Are Female Runners Attractive? – (Statistics From Men)

This is one of those questions most frequently asked by women, to learn about male preferences if that will make them more attractive to men. Jogging and running, are both great to show up yourself, and maybe find someone to talk to or even hang out with sometimes. Nowadays it’s a great way to find new people outside your comfort zone, or it can be a good way to impress someone we like. Are female runners attractive? Let’s find out!

We did our research for interviews that show what men think about it. There are many youtube channels, and pools on online groups, we also did a small interview in ou

r friend zone to confirm those results. So we’ve gathered all those data for you and made the final conclusion the question “Are female runners attractive to men?”, and that is: Yes! about 56% said “strongly agree”, and 21% said “slightly agree”, which makes it a total of 77% of men that consider female runners attractive. That makes 23% of men undecided, disagree, or just don’t care.

Remember that those numbers are the average from many pools, and street interviews, but with a large majority of men who agreed over those who disagree you can be calm. Men have a lot to say on this topic that you could think of, do they prefer muscle girls, slim or those curvy shaped? Let’s dive into it!

are female runners attractive?

What do they think is attractive about running?

Most of the answers are related to getting women’s bodies into shape… the buttocks are getting rounder, the legs are looking thin and smooth, and most pointed out that for them almost any sport when done by a woman is attractive, especially if they (the men) tend to do it by themself. So you have a high chance to impress someone if they also do this sport. 

Women do jogging to lose some weight, nowadays in the USA, unfortunately, most of the women are in bad shape or even we can call it “obese”, so every girl that looks slim and fit will stand out of the crowd even if they don’t have that much of visible muscles. Also, women can show much more skin when they do jogging, there are tons of sports outfits that show too much but, men also pointed out that they like it when a girl is scantily dressed.

Jogging as a way to find someone new

When you do something as a hobby, you will have to do it frequently, like once a week, that way time will pass and someone will finally notice you and ask you to join for a duo jogging. You have to know that jogging is a better way to find someone because it’s a slower version of running, that way you can talk to each other. We have a great article about the differences between jogging vs running, that we can recommend.

are female runners attractive?

If you run alone it’s a sign for any men out there to join you, especially if your pace is not too fast. They can try to join you for a simple talk, that way you can decide if it’s worth making it into friendship or not. There are also ways to impress someone, and we tend to do it without realizing it.

My results after a full year of jogging

In my case, I’ve been asked by my friend “are female runners attractive?”, because I started my jogging journey in 2019, that way we began a long co

nversation, and that’s why I’m talking to you today about it, but also wanted to share with you my full-year results.

So I’ve lost about 17 pounds of body fat, by my overall body mass didn’t change that much, I’ve lost only 5 pounds of body mass. If you want to know

how is that possible, we have a full article about it, but to make it simple I just replaced my body fat with muscle mass. I’m also recently testing many types of diet, so that helped me to lose some weight too.

female runners

In conclusion – are female runners attractive?

Yes, they definitely are! 77% percent of men out there think that it is attractive, and other guys are not against that, they just simply don’t have an answer to that. So don’t be worried about it, and go for it even today! It will definitely be beneficial for your health and will give you a chance to meet someone new, even the guys that you know already will appreciate it!  

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