Are Shorter Girls More Attractive? – (Does Height Matter?)

Many of us women struggle to overcome our disadvantages like in this case is being shorter than many other women. Unfortunetly many taller people do not see that problem because it is not related to them but it really exists. Even if all of your friends and people around you do not see this as an issue, you still have that thought in mind that it really is a big issue. Many women ask this question “Are shorter girls more attractive?” we will explain the problem with statistics in this article and also give you some tips on how to overcome this.

We searched about this topic on many social platforms for data like polls, interviews, studies, and many more that is why we came to the conclusion that short

er girls are not more attractive than taller girls. They are also not less attractive and everything depends on the person that we want to impress. If that person is in your mind right now, or if you don’t know that person yet, then you should try to think if he does like shorter or taller girls, but how can you know? Let us explain!

How can I know if he likes shorter or taller girls?

You need to know that you don’t have to impress every guy out there, you just need to focus your efforts on this one man who is special to you. The easiest possible way to ask a guy “if he likes short girls”, without exactly saying those words is to ask him about his opinion on high heels.

Are shorter girls less attractive?
Are shorter girls less attractive?

Most men do like high heels which are making women look taller, so if your man says confirms that also you can be more sure that he like taller girls, but that won’t make you sad if you are short because he also said that he would like to see you more often in high heels.

If you are a shorter woman let’s say about 5ft 3in then wearing high heels will make you a lot taller even by 5 inches so then you will be about 5ft 8in which for a woman is considered to be tall. So don’t panic and try to wear high heels more often if your man likes it!

Even when you feel less attractive than taller girls try to wear high heels that will give you a lot more benefits in your daily life, you will also look better than a tall girl in flat shoes due to the fact that high heels are not giving you only the height. If you want to know more about the benefits of wearing high heels read our new article “Are High Heels Getting Attention? – (Tips For Perfect Heels)“.

Does height matter?

As we said previously height, unfortunately, does matter, but girls can easily change their height with things like high heels or a special type of hairstyle which will make you look taller by a few inches.

How can I know if he likes shorter or taller girls?
How can I know if he likes shorter or taller girls?

Shorter people do have troubles when it comes to standing out from the crowd, being average and even short doesn’t have a lot of benefits in our daily life.

Height gives us many benefits in life, and our career so unfortunately shorter people are in the worse position, but as a woman, you can fight this w

hich is good due to the fact that men don’t have a lot this to increase their height. In short height matters and it matters a lot.

Are Shorter Men Less attractive?

Being a man can look easy but when it comes to the look that can be very difficult. We women can change our look with makeup or increase our height with high heels but if a man would like to try one of those above, people will start to look at him as a weirdo.

Many studies proved that shorter men are less attractive to women. Many women would like to see their men being taller than them. Let’s add high heels to that and every man who is shorter than 5ft 9in will have a lot of troubles when it comes to finding a good partner for the future.

Many statistics are proving to us that taller men and women are more likely to get better positions at their jobs, so it’s easier for them to get promotions at work.

Are Shorter Men Less attractive?
Are Shorter Men Less attractive?

We can’t do much about it, but we can try to let people know that this problem exists and it would be good to think about it sometime.

In conclusion – Are shorter girls more attractive?

Many polls, interviews, and studies don’t prove that shorter girls are less attractive, but they are also not more attractive. Being a shorter woman gives you an option to wear high heels to increase your height temporarily. You can also try to change your hairstyle to get additional inches.

Don’t panic right away, and focus on what that one special guy which you adore likes, what are his preferences, and to help you with that we have created a great article about men preferences “Do Men Find Muscular Women Attractive? – (Statistics From Men)“.

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