I Am Being Hit On By Another Girl – (What Should I Do?)

Being hit on is often a good thing because that gives us women this feeling that our person attracted someone else, even if that person is way below our standards, but things can get complicated if we are currently in a relationship. There can be an even worse scenario when that person that wants to flirt with us is a woman! So you may ask “What should I Do when I am being hit on by another girl?” Don’t worry we will help you with it.

This question will be hard to answer because we don’t know your situation but after many consultations with our psychologist Maddie James, we will give you two

short answers which will depend on your current status. If you are currently single then you can give it a try and find out something new about your preferences, but if you are currently in a relationship or you simply don’t want to try out then avoid that person.

Note that those are only simple answers and avoiding them can sometimes be impossible and we will talk about it a little bit later, for now, let’s focus on the emotional aspects.

Can I hurt her feelings?

Most of us struggled somewhere in the past with unwanted attention, for example in high school when relationships were fragile and temporary. So we didn’t care much if we broke a heart or two, but when we are older we should be more responsible for our actions. The feeling of breaking someone’s else heart can make us feel sad for a long time, and that’s why we hesitate to give that person a quick answer.

Women don’t dress to impress men, they do it to impress other women, even if they’re straight. Being a lady means that you know how to dress up to impress anyone, and most of those people who will appreciate it are women.

Women are a lot more emotional about relationships than men, so it can be very painful for them to get turned down. That’s why we need to do it in a nice way, that won’t hurt her. The least needed thing will be a stranger woman crying because of our reaction.

Don’t use profanity and avoid even a small laugh at her. Maybe she won’t cry instantly, but she probably will before going to sleep. Women tend to cry a lot, and if you want to know how often then check out our article “How often does a woman cry?“.

How can I know if another girl is hitting me on?

It’s men who tend to flirt or hit on girls, but when a girl wants to hit on another woman it starts to get awkward. So you can often see something spont

aneous like straightforward positive information about your look or dress and even makeup.

Am I being hit on by another girl?
Am I being hit on by another girl?

Maybe it’s one of your friends who’s trying to hit on you. In this case, you can see a lot of cuddling and touching, but

to be sure check if that woman behaves similarly to other women. Because that can be something that’s natural to her, but if you are the only one that gets special treatment from her, that can give you a strong sign. It can be hard for your friendship if you have in mind something like “friend is trying to hit on me”.

Sometimes you can hear complaining about men or dirty jokes. You can also ask your mutual friend, maybe she or he will be able to tell you something more, something that is obvious to people around you.

There is a simple and fast way that will give you instant information but it needs you to be brave… you can ask that woman if she’s hitting on you. That needs a lot of charisma, especially if that’s a woman you know well, but for sure you will get the answer you want.

What if you don’t want to even know if that woman is trying to hit on you, then you can try to avoid being hit on by another girl.

How to avoid being hit on by another girl?

Unfortunately, humans don’t have special powers to control the feelings of other people, but we can control awkward situations with our speech, and that’s what we will talk about.

When we are seeing another woman, we instantly think that she must be straight, but in 2022 it can be a false statement. Many bisexual and homosexual people are feeling a lot less pressured for who they really are than it was in the past and now they want to live a normal life.

But for a woman that considers herself to be straight, it can be a very awkward situation. When another woman starts to flirt with us, and we finally realize, that she’s trying to hit on another woman, then we have to stay cool and tell her that we are not interested.

If you want to be sure that she will leave you then you can tell her that you are in a relationship, so she doesn’t have any chances because of

that, even if that will be a lie, that will make her disappear immediately.

It can be really hard to tell if you are being hit on by another woman, but make sure to tell her that you are not interested right away at the start, that way there won’t be much connection between both of you to break. Because as time will pass it will be harder to tell her that you are not interested.

There is no simple way to avoid being hit on whether it is by a man or by a woman. You just simply have to break that connection at its beginning using polite and nice speech.

In summary – Am I being hit on by another girl?

It’s a good thing that you get attention, it means that your personality or your look has been noticed by other people, but you have to ask yourself if you are honest with yourself about your preferences… because that is crucial in this case. If you want to check for yourself if there is a possibility that you are bisexual then check out our new article “Is It Wrong To Date A Girl If I Am Straight?” then you will know for sure what your reaction should be.

Are girls attractive to each other?

Studies show that girls are indeed attracted to each other, but not in the same way that boys are. Girls tend to be more attracted to personality traits and physical characteristics than boys are.

Do girls like makeup on other girls?

Surprisingly, a lot of girls don’t actually like it when other girls wear a lot of makeup. They feel like it’s trying too hard or that the girl is hiding something. Some girls do like seeing other girls with makeup on because they think it looks pretty and put together. But overall, most girls prefer a more natural look.

Why are girls nice to each other?

There are many reasons why girls are typically nice to each other. One reason is that girls are often socialized to be cooperative and nurturing. They may be taught from a young age that it’s important to be kind and considerate of others and that it’s not always about winning or being the best. Girls also tend to form strong bonds with each other and can be very supportive of one another.

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