My Boyfriend Left Me Because I Am Too Skinny – How Probable?

Being skinny is often desired by many men but there are some exceptions to that rule, and some people are not even aware of how big of a percentage is that. If you are too skinny then it can have a negative impact on your overall health but some women are willing to stay skinny because they think that brings them more attention. But what if your boyfriend is having objections about your current look, but you are feeling happy with how you look, what should you do about it? Let’s find out, and we will also talk about the statistics from 2022 later on in this article.

Unfortunately, a lot of men in the early stages of their relationships are thinking a lot about the look of their partner. The look of their partner is the mo

st often reason for early breakups. It is especially true for relationships that are before their full year of being together. But why do relationships break up for that reason so often? We will talk about it in a moment.

What should I do if he left me because I am too skinny?

If he left you due to that reason only then that means that your bond wasn’t as strong as you think, because it is most likely that the most important thing that has connected you both so far was that your partner was attracted by your look.

If that reason was the strongest foundation of your relationship then this could never work out, unless you had some other things that have connected you like common plans for the future.

We bet that you are missing him or her otherwise you would not have found this article. Think if there were things that connected you other than your look and if they are important enough for you that you would be able to try one more time with your ex.

If you think that you could try to give it one more try then focus on things that have connected you before breaking up and talk about them with your ex, maybe that will change his or her point of view.

Why is the look most often reason for breaking up?

A lot of men and women are guided by their eyes and the first thing that they can spot in their potential partners is how they look. So often people are choosing their partners simply by how they look, and this reason is a very bad foundation for any sort of relationship.

My boyfriend left me because I am too skinny
My boyfriend left me because I am too skinny

When your partner will get enough of your look, or simply get tired of it which always happens at some point in a relationship, then there will be no other reason to

stay together.

Even if someone decided to be together with a second person based on their look, it is very important to gradually build things that can connect you for a lon

ger period of time, common ambitions, mutual friends, shared business, and common passions.

Am I too skinny for him?

A good thing would be to ask what his preferences are because maybe your partner likes chubby women, but he didn’t tell you that before. So it will be wise to ask him that question first.

Note that people who are above average weight are more likely to date people who also have above average weight. That is a very common thing, and it is rooted deep down in our brains. If you want to know more about this phenomenon then check out this article of ours “Why Do Unattractive People Date Other Unattractive People?“.

Should I put on weight for him?

If you love him or her that much then why not change your appearance a little bit? Especially if you are truly below a healthy BMI for your figure, that can have a positive impact to gain some weight. That could improve your health and make your partner happy.

But first, you need to think if you have enough courage to change your diet to make your partner happy because that won’t be an easy task, and if you fail then that can have a bigger impact on your relationship, so make sure that you are able to do that before promising anything.

Conclusion – My boyfriend left me because I am too skinny

Remember that getting back to each other in relationships is nothing uncommon, so even if your ex partner told you that he or she would like to break up then remember that you still have a big chance to get back, of course, if you are willing to make it happen.

Check if you are below the healthy range of your BMI because if you are then that can have a negative impact on your health and your boyfriend be right about you being too skinny. You can check if you are in a healthy range of your BMI by checking the article about it “How Thin Is Too Thin For A Man? – (Statistics From Men)“.

Your boyfriend should not leave you with that problem and should try to help you recover from it, so think twice before talking about it again with him, but if you ar

e sure then we wish you good luck!

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