Do Guys Really Have No Fashion Sense? – (Why Is That?)

If you don’t know why guys tend to dress without any fashion sense or you are just upset that guys around you don’t admire your fashion efforts then this is the right place and we will answer all of your questions about “Do guys really have no fashion sense?”, so stay with us because we have some studies that can prove your thoughts.

We, women, have a different view of fashion than typical men. It all comes down to that men do have a fashion sense but often they just don’t care how t

hey look, or their style is something that it is hard to notice for us women. It is only a short answer to a complex question so stay with us to learn more!

Do guys really have no fashion sense?
Do guys really have no fashion sense?

Men don’t care how they look

Most men tend to don’t care how they look to other people, that can be due to laziness or simply they don’t feel the need to, but most of the men do have a fashion sense and their own style. If they try to impress someone then their dress will improve drastically.

There are some men that are above the average in terms of fashion sense:

  • Wealthier men – When a guy has money, that should also come with education and knowledge. They do like to look good because that makes them different and shows how better they are compared to other people.
  • Young men – Most of the younger people are following most trendy influencers on TikTok or any other social platforms, that’s why they have the overall idea of what’s trendy right now. Also, they have that constant pressure from other young people to dress up well to prevent any bullying and jokes.
  • Men from big cities – People from big towns have a better sense of fashion compared to villagers. Because they can keep up with the trend because of the social pressure, and they have a lot more people to impress.

So that means that the condition to have a worse fashion sense is being:

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  • Poor
  • Villager
  • Old

Remember that if you are one of the above that doesn’t mean that you have or doesn’t have a great fashion sense, because we are all different and that rule is just an average from many observations and studies, so don’t panic because even when you are poor or old you still can have a great fashion sense!

Men don't care how they look
Men don’t care how they look

Can men notice my sense of fashion?

Men do have a fashion sense but it’s often way different than it is for women, so it’s harder to notice but still possible. Even a guy without any sense of fashion will be able to adore your dress if it’s really worth it!

Something that looks great to you, can look silly in the eyes of others. But fortunately for us, it’s easy to notice when a guy had something in mind when he dressed up because it looks somehow organized and not totally random. That’s why it’s important to not criticize others’ styles, because maybe they have put much effort into this, and you don’t know how much you can hurt that person.

Can men notice my sense of fashion?
Can men notice my sense of fashion?

Why I can’t understand his sense of fashion?

As we said above men and women are different and so is their fashion sense. So it’s complicated to determine if that person looks good because they had

something way different in mind while choosing this outfit than you could ever think of.

But there is an easy way to all of this madness and that is to look for patterns, and how organized is the outfit in terms of colors, design, and type. If you can see that there is an organized pattern then you can know for sure that this is his sense of fashion.

Maybe he is the punk type and for your casual sense of fashion it looks weird, but for him it’s amazing. So everyone has a different style and we should accept that.

Why I can't understand his sense of fashion?
Why I can’t understand his sense of fashion?

In Summary – Do Guys Really Have No Fashion Sense?

Most of the men do have a fashion sense, but it can be different to this point that even we as women can’t notice it. For men, it’s easier to say that women have their own style because we tend to match our outfit with our makeup, that way we give a sign for a man that we have spent a lot of hours preparing for tonight’s romantic date.

We shouldn’t criticize others’ outfits because we don’t know how much effort they have put into the preparation, and it will be simply rude, so try to look for patterns and praise him if you do like his outfit, and we are sure that he will do the same in that moment or on the next date!

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