Do Men Find Muscular Women Attractive? – (Statistics From Men)

We recently went to the streets of New York to ask men about their preferences, and the main question was “Do men find muscular women attractive”. Not many of them had a quick answer for that, and it took some time to rethink if muscular women are attractive to them. We also did our research on the other similar polls, and we took the average from all of that to make our data most relevant and show it to you in this article.

For now, as a quick answer to the question: “Do men find muscular women attractive” we will say… Yes, men do find muscular women attractive,

about 37% percent of total men were in favor of this statement, and only 16% percent said that they are against that, the rest of them were indifferent. That gives us 47% percent of men who don’t have any opinion on this topic, but almost all men in our street interview told us something more about it, how muscular the woman should be or which parts of the body should look better than others, stay with us to learn more!

do men find muscular women attractive

Statistics in details

You can say that 37% is not enough to convince you what men do like muscular women, but think about that 47% of men who don’t know yet if they do like it or not. Those men just need some more time to rethink if they like it, so let’s say that only half of them will be positive about that idea, then we can speak of 60.5% of men that consider muscular women to be attractive.

muscle woman

You should be looking at men that definitely said they don’t like muscular women, and that’s only 16%. If an individual man didn’t say straightforwardly that he doesn’t like that, then we have a high chance that he will like it in the future. Almost all of that 37% said it definitely, and they were sure about that answer. 

What should be the maximum muscularity level for a woman?

Many of the men that we’ve asked said something additional about this topic. Half of them said pointed that they don’t mean a woman should be a female bodybuilder, but something in between. Unfortunately, almost all said that they will feel more comfortable if their woman won’t be looking more muscular than they are, similar thing like girls prefer a man that is taller than them.

Many pointed at the abs, as the main body part that they will like to see muscular. So girl you know what your goal should be, that visible six-pack! 

Why do men like muscular women?

We asked about this, our friendly Dr. Jill Rokicky who has a psychology degree to give us the best answer, and that’s what she said: “Human beings are attracted by muscles and repel by body fat. We all know that women are attracted by muscular men, and the same mechanism works in the opposite direction, which is common in our nature. We associate muscles as a healthy body build, that comes from our ancestors when they needed to fight for food to survive, also today we don’t have that many muscular people so they stand out from the crowd, and that’s what we like.”

Only 5% of men in total are above the normal range of muscle mass, which means they really stand out from the crowd, but when we look at the women then we talk about

less than 1% that is above the normal range. So if see a muscular woman on the street that’s a really rare view, and more than 5 times less frequent than seeing a muscular man. In our recent poll, we asked the men “How thin is too thin for a man” so make sure to stay in some healthy range with building a muscle mass.

female muscles

Dr. Jill Rokicky also said: “Many men won’t publicly admit that they like when a woman is muscular, because of the social aspects. It can even be consider

ed a fetish. If a woman starts to do things ‘only’ men should do, like being a bodybuilder, society will start to slowly repel her. Also like a poor person can’t hang out with rich people because that looks weird to many, and that’s why most men even if they do like when muscular woman, won’t publicly admit that”. That’s just how it is in 2021, and we can’t change the world, but we can change people around us, so try to stick with people who support your goals!

Women ashamed of their muscles

Many women avoid getting additional muscle mass because they’re afraid of what guys will say about that. In nowadays society, we tend to force women to be feminine, gentle, and polite. That’s how the little girls are being raised from the start, so after they’ve reached that age of “looking for a boyfriend” they don’t want to do anything that can increase their muscle mass, except some squats. Skinny women have more visible muscle because of the lack of body fat, that’s a quick solution to make your body more shredded.

Women that are doing extreme sports like bouldering, tend to hide their muscle under a hoodie or a long sleeves shirt, that’s sad to see but that’s how it is, so girls you have to know that there are way more men that are attracted to men, so don’t hide your good form! Learn more about bouldering and its benefits.

In summary – Do men find muscular women attractive?

As a woman you should aim to be healthy and build some muscle mass, and don’t be ashamed only because people around you treat it as something bad, just don’t give up! From our data, we can say that there are more men which do like muscular women, and even more that they also think about it that way, but they won’t publicly admit that.

So keep up doing a great job at your gym, and stay positive! That right man for you is somewhere there and he will find you no matter what, and if your body can help you stand out from the crowd then it will be even faster for him to find you.

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