Does My Boyfriend Like My Body? – (How To Check It?)

Have you ever wondered about what your boyfriend thinks about other girls’ figures? Or maybe you want to know if he “Does my boyfriend like my body”? Many women struggle with those types of questions, because it’s hard to ask your boyfriend about this, or should we even try to ask them? Don’t worry too much because we researched for you and in this article, we will try to show the most objective opinion about it, also with some hints for you to get that knowledge without asking, so stay with us!

It’s a very common problem in every relationship and it’s not related only to women but also to men. Overall it’s a hard question t

o ask someone that we truly care about, but if you have trust in that person you should simply ask your boyfriend if he does like your body, he shouldn’t feel offended and it can be good for your future because every hard question will make your relationship stronger.

does my boyfriend like my body
Does my boyfriend like my body?

In general, you have to know that your boyfriend picked you to be his girlfriend over many others, but if that’s not enough proof for you, then take a look at the hints that we’ve prepared for you.

What are the hints to show me that he likes my body?

Some hints will show you if he likes your body or not, for example:

  • Compliments about your clothing – In general if he likes your clothing then he thinks that your body looks to go in it.
  • Things that he does in private like watching a famous girl twitch streamer or tiktokers – Maybe girls that he’s watching have something in common like long legs or they are simply short. That can give you a hint because he likes their body and you are similar to them so he likes your body as well.
  • Occasionally compliments about your appearance or makeup – Compliments are great if they are not regular, if he sometimes says that “you are looking great today “, then it’s a good sign, but if he says that too often then it’s not that meaningful.
  • Go shopping with him – It can be stupid but it’s a great way to learn more about his preferences. When you will change into outfits then
    he will have to say something about them and that’s often connected to your body, like “your legs are looking fat in those pants”, then you will know that he does like when your legs are slim. You will force him to say what’s his opinion about everything that you will try on because that is how shopping for clothes looks like, and that will give you a lot of information about his preferences!

Those things will give you the overall idea about his preferences but we highly recommend you to try the last one, and invite him to the mall for shopping!

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How can I improve my look for my boyfriend?

That is a great question, and if you ever asked that yourself, then that means that your relationship is going in the right direction.

Also if you will get that knowledge from him, you will be able to improve something to impress him even more and that will make you both happy. For example, if he tells you that he likes your legs, then maybe you should try to wear something that will expose them a bit more like skinny leggings, or skirts with stockings.

how can I improve my look for my boyfriend
How can I improve my look for my boyfriend?

If he will tell you that you have beautiful eyes then try to make them more appealing for him, like changing your daily makeup a bit, and then ask him if he sees any difference in your eyes, and that will make you sure that changing makeup was a right choice.

Can I notice whenever my boyfriend lies to me?

If you have been living with each other for a few months or even if you have been just dating without living in the same house together, then you should notice some mysterious reactions in his way of speaking or anything that is uncommon to see like when he lies then his eyebrow rises, or when he’s nervous then he starts to talk louder.

Those are things that you will notice more often with some time and experience because we all have something like that what other people can see, but we ourselves don’t. So if you ask him if he likes your body then you can quickly see that something is off, like avoiding the question or converting it to a joke.

Remember that he can try to see similar things in your reactions so it’s important to trust each other. In a perfect world, you should believe your boyfriend in 100% but it’s not always perfect although we should try to make it perfect so don’t give up and believe him!

In summary – Does my boyfriend like my body?

You do have a lot of time to make sure if he does like your body, just give it more attention to what is he saying about other girls appearance or about yours, but if

you want to fasten up that process then take him to the mall for shopping, that will force him to tell you his opinion about cloths that you trying on.

That’s an easy way to learn more about his preferences. If you want to know more about what’s attractive for your boyfriend then check out our new article about “Do men find muscular women attractive“.

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