How Thin Is Too Thin For A Man? – (Statistics From Men)

This is a question frequently asked by many girls that just want to get noticed by someone they like or just for overall men in general. We recently did our research on “how thin is too thin for a man”. So we did a street interview with many men in New York, also our team did research on the internet for any polls or some similar topics to get the most accurate information in one place. 

We will provide the results in the imperial system for example inch and pound, just for your information 1 inch is 2,54cm and 1 pound is 0.45kg. The results can surpr

ise you but most men are not that restrictive when it comes to the height of girl they would like to date, their standard answer is “Girl can always wear high heels”, or something similar to that, so don’t worry if your short, but if your weight is out of scale that’s a totally different story. 

We based their answers on the BMI chart, which we will give you an image under to check for yourself, but 46% percent of the men said that they would like their girl to be in the lower of “healthy” range or even “underweight”. For example, if you are a girl with 5’3” in height that will limit your weight to be at most 120 pounds, and preferably even less than that.

43% percent of men said that they want girls to be in their healthy range or they just simply don’t care. For example that will give that girl with 5’3” in height the range of body mass between 105 to 140 pounds. And the last group that makes for an 11% percent said that they don’t mind if their girl would be in overweight and above that range. For example girl with 5’3” will be above 145 pounds.

bmi chart
BMI Chart

Above you can see for yourself where you are placed in this chart. But remember that your total weight is just a number, and we are sure if you have that additional body mass inside your buttocks or bust, then any man won’t complain about your high BMI. The data that we’ve gathered is just an average and every guy out there is different.

More than 70% percent of men also said that they would like to date a girl that is overweight than a girl that is too thin for them. It’s hard to get into all of those ranges but stay with us, and we’ll describe it to you later in this article.

Muscles look totally different than body fat

Do you know that 1 pound of muscle mass is 2 times smaller than 1 pound of body fat? That way your total body weight can be much higher but you will look thin and gorgeous. We’ve fully described this aspect in this article about losing body fat without losing weight.

So if you do a lot of sports like bouldering 

or jogging, you should also have way more muscle mass than an average American girl. We also recently posted our article with statistics “Are female runners attractive” where we asked men about girls doing jogging. Ok, but back to the point. Check your muscle mass on a special device that should be in almost every gym, that also will tell you how much of a fat mass you have inside your body.

Don’t force yourself in losing weight

Do guys like thin girls? If going under a certain point of your body mass is difficult or just unhealthy for you then don’t force yourself because that will onl

y make things worse. Try to ask yourself if a simple date is worth losing that 10 pounds because that will take a long time and many austerities.

Diets like fruitarianism or only vegetables will let you lose 10 pounds in around a month so, ask yourself if that’s worth all of it? As a hint, we should tell you to aim at the beginning for eating fewer sweets and junk food, rather than starting with a strict diet, that way you will start with slower results, but it will be easier for you to keep it going for a longer period of time.

how thin is too thin for a man

Those guys that for a question “How thin is too thin for a man” answered “lower of healthy range or even underweight” those can be really unhealthful for your body, and in most cases, you shouldn’t go underweight, just to impress someone. Your health is more important than that, so try to stay in the healthy range of the BMI chart.

Simply ask a guy that question

If you like that person and you know each other, then just ask him, if he likes thin girls, that way you will know for sure, what does he expects from a girl. You will give him a small hint that you’re interested in him, that’s also a plus in your relationship. No one will bite you because you asked that, but if you prefer not to ask him directly, then try other guys that you feel confident to ask, just to take an average from that and make your own assumptions that can help you find your way for that guy you’re currently interested in.

scale how thin is too thin for a man

In conclusion – How thin is too thin for a man?

The BMI chart has all the answers, being in a healthy range is great for 89% of men on average, and also it’s the healthiest for your body, so if you want to impress someone then try to move in that healthy range, but don’t force yourself too much. Being thin is great but men also do like it when a girl is curvy, and in that way, men won’t complain if you’re overweight. 

Remember that men should want you even if you are underweight or overweight, but if that is his main reason for not dating you then you should also change to a different guy because that one is especially not interested in you as a person. So keep looking for a guy that will accept your character and also your body, don’t focus too much to impress that one guy if there is a lot of them out there!

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