How To Get Long Lean Legs – (Make Them Look Longer)

Are you one of those who have wondered how to get long lean legs? Is it even possible, luckily it turns out that it is? There are many methods to give your legs a new look, either optically or through certain exercises. Many shorter women dream of lengthening their legs so that they look better in a dress.

So what are some ways how to get long lean legs? There are many methods that I will describe here including proper exercise, correct weight, massages, ta

nning, and diet. Of course, there are a few quick ways to optically slim your legs, this applies to both the clothes you wear and the outfits you wear.

Beautiful legs are one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body, long, slender, and well-groomed always attract attention from others. And although we do not influence their length, which is the responsibility of mother nature, we can do several things to have long and slim legs. In spring and summer, every one of us would like to wear a short skirt and know that we look good.

 Here are a few tips on how you can help yourself:

  • Correct weight, when being physically active, it is also important to maintain the correct weight so as not to put too much strain on our joints and our knees. Many diets consist of different menus or the exclusion of specific foods. So if we want to lose weight, it is good to act in two ways, namely by exercising and at the same time paying attention to what we eat. 
How to get long lean legs
How to get long lean legs
  • Proper blood circulation, in recent times, remote working or remote schooling is becoming more and more popular. They are much more comfortable and save time, but our bodies shouldn’t sit in one position all the time. Our lower parts are particularly exposed to the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle; the constant pressure and lack of movement slow down our circulation. In the beginning, it manifests itself mainly as rather unattractive “spider veins” especially on legs but also on thighs, however, at a later stage, these can be much more serious things such as varicose veins which lead to venous insufficiency. 
  • Different types of massages, improve not only the appearance of our skin but above all the circulation in our legs. Ideally, a massage should be performed at least once a week, or more often; special oils and massage brushes or devices can be used. If you are not able to use a massage parlor, you can ask your partner or a friend for a massage, or you can do it yourself.
  • Light tan, preferably obtained during a regular stay in the sun, can optically slim our legs and mask small spider veins or bruises, but remember a
    bout sunscreen. However, let’s avoid excessive tanning because the excess sun does not affect the skin well, there may be the appearance of broken capillaries or burns.
  • Appropriate shoes are a very important issue if we want to optically lengthen our legs, shoes on heels or platforms are ideal here. It is important
    to wear comfortable shoes, which is not always possible in the case of heels. So remember to take care of our legs after a day spent on the run, a good solution will be a bath or a massage. Opaque tights or pantyhose in a dark shade will also help in optical slimming. 

A few exercises to slim and lengthen legs

The shape of our legs is mainly influenced by how much we weigh and whether we exercise regularly. Along with diet, it is also important to drink enough water, here you can read about proper hydration and the water fasting diet…

Here are some exercises with a focus on how to get long slim legs

1) exercises for slender thighs: This exercise firms and strengthens the inner and outer parts of the thighs

– Lie on your right side and bend your right leg at the knee

– lift your left leg up and down in slow motion (so-called half-scissors)

Do 20 repetitions for each leg in 3 series

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2) inside of thighs (this zone is usually not so easy to slim)

– Lie on your side with your left leg bent in front of you

– at a slow pace, raise your right straight leg and lower it down (also use repetitions)

3) leg lunges, i.e. forward leg lunges, for better results use exercises with loads (weights) do 15 for each leg

– take a big step forward

– bend the front knee at an angle of 90 degrees (do not swing the leg behind the knee), the rear also bent let it touch the floor

4) slim knees, these are shallow squats that will slim your knees, do up to 40 repetitions of 3 series

– stand with your feet hip-width apart 

– straighten your back, tighten your belly

– bend legs in knees max. to 90 degrees

– pause for 6 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position

5) stretching, hold this position for 10-20 seconds, repeat 3-4 for each leg

– stand in a slight step, one leg should be slightly bent at the knee and extended forward, and the other straight back

– the back foot should be on the floor

– Press your back heel into the floor as far as possible to feel the stretch in your calf

6) firm buttocks, do each exercise 15 times in 3 series

– stand on your knees

– slowly raise your bent leg to the height of your buttocks

– repeat the same on the other leg

7) sexy buttocks, the most effective will be exercises with load

– kneel on your knees

– slowly raise your straightened leg

– stop at hip height

– repeat the same on the other leg

8) deep squats, use this exercise alternately with others which gives an even better and faster effect

– stand slightly apart on all feet

– bend your legs to the right angle, pushing your bottom back

– return to the starting position

What habits harm our legs?

We already know what to do to improve the appearance and health of your legs, but it’s also worth paying attention to what to avoid. Unfortunately, sometimes these are minimal things that we do not pay attention to in our everyday rush. It turns out that most of us make such mistakes and unknowingly harm the health and appearance of our legs. These include:

  • Putting on “leg to leg”, is often considered elegant, but unfortunately, it is not healthy. This habit can cause deterioration of circulation and swelling of the legs, to counteract this it is good to keep the legs next to each other, at a slight elevation. 
  • We spend all day in one position, leading a sedentary lifestyle both at work and at home, and it is hard to avoid this. Staying in one position all the time is bad for our spine and legs, and also harms our condition. If you have a sedentary job, remember to take breaks, change your position if possible, to do gymnastics and various sports.
  • Hot baths, it seems, should be both pleasant and relaxing. But be careful with too hot water, it harms our blood vessels, they burst and lead to the formation of spider veins

In Summary – How to get long lean legs

We already know how to get long lean legs, what will improve the appearance of your knees, and what certain habits to avoid. Often these are everyday things that we don’t pay attention to, but already have a big impact on the appearance and health of our legs. Bad habits are favored most by frequent sitting in one position, lack of movement, and a bad diet.

Beautiful and slim legs are, above all, healthy legs, and the best results will be obtained through a combination of, for example, exercise and diet. There are many ways, and each of us will find something for ourselves.

Fashion in terms of clothing and style is constantly changing, but long, slim, and well-groomed legs are always in good taste. Take care of yourself every day, because each of us likes to feel beautiful and healthy.

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