Why Only Jerks Do Hit On Me? – (Tips To Avoid Jerks)

A lot of women in 2022 are dealing with jerks, we can see a lot of topics about it on quora and many other social platforms. That means that you are not the only women out there who are asking “Why only jerks do hit on me”. So there is a lot of information that can help you with “How to avoid jerks?”, or “How can I reject guys?”, or “How to prevent guys hitting on me?” We have gathered all the answers to those questions in this article so stay with us!

Let’s focus on the main question which is “Why only jerks do hit on me?”. The answer to that question can be complicated due to your personality or

the way you look, but the main reason that attracts jerks to you is that you are visiting places where most of the guys are jerks like bars or clubs. Your style can be very attractive to those types of guys, and at the first glance, they know that it is going to be worth trying to speak up to you. Changing your style just because of that can be hard and very frustrating, that’s why women invented some ways to avoid jerks.

How to avoid jerks?

To answer that question we need to describe to you what really a jerk is. The term “Jerk” is most often referred to as a man who is rude, arrogant, pushy, narcissistic, manipulative, and treats people with disrespect.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are trying to force other people to do something, like a jerk who is trying to go on a date with you. It is possible to remove this type of person from your life, but you need to make some sacrifices like avoiding certain places where are a lot of jerks. Places where you can find jerks:

  • Clubs – It’s the most often place visited by jerks because there are a lot of men who are looking for a potential partner, add alcohol to it, and people are more confident with stupid things that they are going to do.
  • Bars – Similar to clubs, but people in the bars are often soberer than people in the clubs. A guy who is hitting on you should not be that arrogant like a guy in the club.
  • Job office – It’s the last possible place where you can find jerks due to the fact that people in your office should have good manners, but sometimes one person can give you a headache. It should be a lot easier to reject that person because he won’t force you due to the fact that people around are watching you both. Also, you can’t simply avoid visiting your office, so it’s a good deal with it fast.
Why only jerks do hit on me?
Why only jerks do hit on me?

If you are sure that only jerks do hit on you, then that means that you are often visiting at least one of the places mentioned above. Many girls in

2022 are also struggling with other women who are trying to hit on them, and if it’s also your problem then check out our new article.

If you won’t stop coming to those places there are some methods for you to lower the number of jerks.

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How to prevent guys from hitting on me?

If you want to avoid any type of person you need to know what attracts them to you. In this article we will focus on “Jerks” and they are easy to understand, because if they see that you are pretty and worth trying then they will hit on you.

Maybe the style of your daily wearing is a bit too revealing, or your makeup is too strong because those things are attracting men to you.

How to prevent guys from hitting on me?
How to prevent guys from hitting on me?

Use more comfortable clothes, like tracksuits and sneakers to lower the number of jerks around you.

How can I reject guys?

If you are 100 percent sure that you don’t want to do anything with that man it’s best to end the conversation as fast as possible, then he won’t get his hopes up, and you will save a lot of time.

If you are fine with lying then you can simply say that you have a boyfriend, and that will be a bit cringe for him, but that’s the faster way possible to reject a guy.

If you want to be nice you should say something like “Sorry, but I’m not interested” that won’t hurt him so much, but if that guy is still trying his best after you said that, just let him know that he starts to be rude.

In summary – Why only jerks do hit on me?

You are not the only one dealing with this problem. Many topics have been created on many social platforms around this issue. If you think that only jerks are hitting

on you then you should try to change the places you are visiting.

Maybe change your style a bit, but if you don’t want to do any of that then be ready to reject guys fast, that will save you time. Also, there is something good that is related to that question, because that means that you are looking great, and men at the first glance are sure that they want to hit on you, so there is something positive about it!

If you are struggling with aging then check out our new article about “How do you deal with aging as a hot woman?“.

Why do jerks act stupid?

Scientists have actually studied jerks and their behavior, and it turns out that there are several reasons why they act the way they do. One reason is that jerks tend to be more overconfident than other people. They believe they are better than others and that they deserve special treatment. This sense of entitlement leads them to act rudely and without consideration for others.

Should I avoid jerks?

There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with jerks. First, remember that they are acting out of their own insecurity. Second, don’t take their behavior personally. And third, try to find some common ground.

Should I date jerks?

There’s no denying that dating jerks can be exciting. They’re unpredictable, which can be a rush. And let’s face it, they’re usually pretty good in bed. But is the short-term thrill worth the long-term pain? Often the answer is no.

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