Best Idea For A Date – (Things You Have Never Tried Before)

So now the time for your perfect date has come, but there are many questions about it, for example:

  • Where should it take place?
  • How can you spend time there?
  • What should guide me in those choices?

We’ve checked a ton of articles to make our knowledge base more up to date, we’ve rejected many examples to make this article full of proven content to help you with creating the best idea for a date. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or you’re in the advanced stage of your relationship, this article will help you for sure! We’ll answer all of your questions so stay with us!

Dates are a common problem nowadays, it’s hard to pick the person you’re going to spend your time with. There are many problems with that but we all want to find that special person for us and spend the rest of our life with her or him. Relationships should be maintained by both of you… as a solo person, you can’t keep it for a long time.

As the first question, we’ll discuss what you should have in mind when choosing a place or things to do. You need to pick perfect options for both of you, that will make your date great! Let’s think of the person that you’re going to take on a date, is he or she an active person or rather calm? That will make a huge difference in picking the things to do.

Best Idea For A Date
Best Idea For A Date

Let’s say that person is more of an energetic person, so you can’t take that person to a museum or a classic theater. In this case, you should focus on for example sports, dog walks, and pubs. It will make that person more comfortable with you doing those things, that way you will have smooth chats, and of course, remember if you’re not into those kinds of activities don’t force, yourself it will make everything hard for you.

At this stage of the relationship you should know something about the likes and dislikes of that person you’re going with, so try to use that knowledge and make your time special. Now we have basics covered so we can get to the real stuff.

Where should it take place?

Think about what your lover is saying, if “he or she” is sick of cities maybe let’s try to take it outside the city, or just the opposite, if you both live in some small village, maybe you should hit the city, and try a different style of life for once.

I personally can recommend you to take it outside of any city… why? Because you should focus on simple chat, to get to know each other better, cities tend to be more crowded and loud, it makes hard to talk. If you can drive it’s a good option, you will be alone and there will be a lot of time to talk before you get into some attractions. Try to take as much as you can from that free time and try to know that person better, you won’t get that option in a loud city.

Even the attraction outside cities tends to be slow, more private, and also more romantic. After your perfect date, you will also have some time to talk about that date and even try to schedule a new one. 

Quiet places are the best for any type of date because you should focus on the talk! Keep that in mind it’s so important to talk. If you have hard times talking or struggle to keep the conversation going you should try to ask questions to make the conversation double-sided. After a few hours in a quiet place, you will know if that person is suited for you. If you won’t talk to each other you will slow that process of “growing relationship”.

Let’s talk about activities for your date

It’s hard because it depends on your personality. Sport is a great way to spend that time, for example, simple jogging, you can run and talk. A local park should be enough, and it won’t take any money for it, maybe if you want some restaurant after that it will cost something, but it will make your date longer than a short jogging time.

If you aren’t into jogging let’s try something slower… like kayaking. It’s great because you can take a double kayak, and you will be almost alone on that river, the views will be great, also you will be forced to stay close and talk. Kayaking is one of the best ideas for a date. Kayaking is not only for active people, it’s also great if you’re lazy. There is no time limit for it, so just lay down and go with the water current.

But maybe there is winter for example. In winter there is a lot harder to find something to do, but maybe skis or skates. Oh, skates are great! There is music, and it relates to many movies so it will make your date’s climate more romantic.

Mountains or national parks are a great way for a date, the views are great, you don’t have to be athletic for it, and it’s cheap! 

Keep in mind that you should also talk about the place and ideas about that date with your lover. Don’t make any reservations by yourself without approval from your lover, it will make things worse, and uncomfortable, cause you can be wrong about that date and after some information, you should change that plan, so stay cool and don’t rush with that. 

Think about things you do on a usual basis, like cycling club, or fishing. You can talk about it with your lover, try to convince that person to try things that you do often, maybe your lover will be interested in trying it!

Let’s sum the best idea for a date:

  • Kayaking
  • Skates
  • Jogging
  • Cinema
  • National parks
  • Mountains
  • Bikes

Remember that any great idea for a date will be pointless without your initiative, that should be your main goal to talk, try to make that connection between you. The idea for a date is just a background for your relationship. 

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