How Many Likes Do You Get On Tinder? – (Comparisons And Examples)

So how many likes do you get on tinder? that is the most important question cause we want to compare our results to the other girls and see if we’re better or just a simple, average girls.

Let’s start with a few pieces of information about tinder itself. Please notice that the advice provided below doesn’t apply only to tinder but also to ma

ny similar dating apps.  

We will try to focus on a free version of tinder mostly here. Almost everyone knows what tinder is so I will be quick about it, and share things that you also didn’t know. So it’s just a simple mobile app to find your love, or just meet interesting people. There is a system of likes, people will see your profile in their feed and like it or skip it.

If you and the other person liked each other, the app will show it as a “pair” and then you will be able to text with that other person. But here is that important question “how many likes do you get on tinder?”. Maybe you don’t get many of them and it’s hard to find a matching pair.

 how many likes do you get on tinder

You need to know that if you just stay away from the app for a while, other people will slowly see your profile, and a few of them will like it, then you will see them in your own feed in random order. So that exactly means that many people from your feed already liked your profile, but only if you give it proper time.

If you’re gonna swipe tinder all day it’s gonna look like almost no one liked your profile. A simple solution is to stay away from the app for a half day or more.

Then if you log in, you will see soo many people that liked your profile. You can also try to like all of them after that time to make sure if that works, but remember that tinder will show it in random order with people that didn’t already see your profile.

Is there any way to increase your daily likes?

There are many ways to get more likes, here are the quickest:

  • Make your profile more likely for a friend than a lover. It will increase the number of likes tremendously. Guys tend to look for a girl to talk to before they try t
    o make it into love. If your profile is saying that you look for love, then you can scare many shy guys.
  • Use emojis on your profile, they can perfectly represent your soul!
  • Mix your sexy photos with causal and funny, it will attract and also make you look like a normal person that anyone can talk to.
  • Your main photo is so important! Guys (girls also) mostly spend only 2-3 seconds before they will decide so try to make your first photo make you an interesting person.
  • Like other people’s profiles even if you’re really not sure about them. Then you can give them a chance, maybe there is something you missed or you will love it when they will tell you that, so always give it a chance.
 how many likes do you get on tinder

Always remember that you don’t want to make your profile irrelevant to your real personality. Anyone that will like your profile later will notice that person described in your profile is not the one that he’s writing to right now, he won’t be happy about it and you will also lose time texting with each other. So try to describe yourself as you really are in real life.

One of the more controversial Tinder features is the “Super Like”. Instead of just simple swiping right to quietly like someone which they’ll only discover if they also swipe right on you. you swipe up to make your “like” more effective to that person.

When they see your profile, it will have a big blue star on it so they know you already like them and that if they swipe right, you’ll immediately match.

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Tinder officially says that “Super Likes” triple your chances of getting a match because they’re flattering and express enthusiasm, that’s what they say but it’s flat and meaningless. There’s no way to know if that’s true. What we do know is that when you “Super Like” someone, Tinder has to set the algorithm aside for a minute. It’s forced to push your profile closer to the top of the pile of the person you “Super Liked”. 

You can try to buy the premium version of tinder, but it’s not necessary to find your love. The key is time, you need to give time for the people out there to like your profile, it won’t be done in a few hours or days. Don’t abandon the guy after a few messages cause this way you will make an infinite loop that will never end.

 how many likes do you get on tinder

What should I text about to make sure that’s the right person?

As the first few messages you can try generic and wide topics like: “Cats or dogs?”, “What type of music are you into?” those are totally neutral topics that won’t hurt anyone and should lead to an interesting conversation, and notice that you are not alone so the other person will also think about ways to improve your conversation.

After a generic topic tries to ask what’s really important to you this way you will check if you want to continue this “friendship”.

The algorithm catches people that are close to your place, so if you are on a holiday have in your mind that the place that you are in may be unsafe for you. Try to focus on many people at once, and don’t spend too much of your time with only one person.

Instafollowers did a quite good post about getting likes on tinder so we want to share it with you guys.

At last, let’s answer the main question of the topic.

How many likes do you get on tinder?

Girls tend to get more likes than guys cause they have a way higher ratio of giving likes than girls, so if you’re a girl then remember that you are in an easier spot on this app. Girls are just picky, but try to not be if you want to get more likes!

In summary

In the end, it’s just an app with algorithms, so be sure if you are really gonna date that person you just found a few days ago. Many people there won’t take that relationship seriously so it’s up to you if you want to take the risk. Even if you won’t find your true love, you can make some friends to text with! Make sure to check out our new article about “Should I Like My Ex Posts On Facebook? – (Things To Avoid)“.

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