How To Get A Boyfriend? – (Tips For Beginners)

There are many girls out there that asks this question a few times within one single day! There are many ways that you can try or improve, and here we’re gonna tell you the best knowledge that we’ve gathered from many articles, and many successful girls. We’ll try to give you the best answer for how to get a boyfriend?

First, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I an attractive woman?
  • Am I an interesting and communicative person?
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  • Do I look for a boyfriend for a few weeks or a person to live with?
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We’ll try to cover all possible cases, even if you’re looking for an adventure or for a real husband.

How to get a boyfriend

The main advice that will help you get a boyfriend

  • Be confident and show it to him. Even if inside you’re not that kind of person or you feel desperate and lonely, I want you to work toward projecting total con
    fidence. We know that it can take so much time, but you need to realize that’s important for you – men love confident women. A confident woman seems like she can take care of herself and that’s what men love. She doesn’t appear to “need” a man but rather “wants” one in her life.
  • It takes time, even for a quick adventure. You can’t build a relationship in an hour, or a single day, you need to be patient. It will happen when it’s r
    ight, you can’t rush for love, it’s a complex process so take your time.
  • Be open to opportunities. The guy that wants you to love him instantly can be your future partner so don’t reject him instantly, try to show him your way of lo
    oking at things. If your friends are inviting you to meet someone new, give them a chance!
  • Simple flirt and smile! You’re single so you can go with the flow and flirt! No one will judge you. Girls that smile is always more attractive to men, which makes them more comfortable. In a research project, it was found that only 36% of men realized when ladies were flirting with them, it’s your advantage!
How to get a boyfriend

Let’s try to make things scoped, girls have different types of “the right relationship” in their minds so:

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A boyfriend, or even a husband

That’s the way! we highly recommend it that way! So the first thing to remember is to do lie about yourself, your love will find out about it sooner or later! A

lways be yourself, that can make the process longer but also more quality-oriented. If you think that your personality is making it worse, you’re in a huge mistake, you’re just making the process longer but the person that you will eventually find will be the right one for your personality. After a few weeks, you should try to reveal slowly your disadvantages, try to open yourself to him – that will make you more confident with that person in the future, and if that person will try to avoid you after that you know that the person wasn’t right match for you. Try to reveal your worse side first (not the WORST! just a few bad things), which will prevent you from future disappointment and will make the process of finding the right match faster.

How to get a boyfriend

The first place that you should think of is Tinder, and you’re right about it, but you should also take a different approach to that app. You’re looking f

or a real match, not a simple adventure, so try to get a professional photo session. If you don’t want to spend money there is a free way to do this: Try to ask your friends, or go to Facebook groups, there are many free photo sessions that people need to create their portfolio so you can use that opportunity. Describe your goal in Tinder’s profile description, what are you aiming for, then you will increase the success rate for a long-term relationship rather than a one-night guy. After Tinder’s match try to ask him what is he looking for to quickly abort meaningless conversations.

If you’re confident with that person try to ask for a date! That way will prove you’re thoughts about this person. Also here is our new article on 

href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">“How to get more likes on Tinder” we highly recommend you read that.

Except for mobile apps, there are many places where you could find your partner. Like local communities:

  • Gym
  • Clubs
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  • Sports communities
  • Hobbies

If you’re interested in bicycling, try to join the local bicycle club, that way you will do what you’re interested in and there is a high chance to meet some nice guys out there. You can also try online groups for it if the distance between you and your future lover is not the problem here.

How to get a boyfriend

A boyfriend for a night or a few weeks

If that’s in your style we won’t judge you, and even we’ll try to help. The best way to find someone for a quick adventure, you’re gonna try to use as much of your sexual values as you can. It’s sad but that’s how it looks in 2021, most people are going to rate someone based on their first impression, so simply you can’t shine with your knowledge or personality. We just have to accept that and go with the flow.

As we’ve already told you the basics, let’s try to talk about where is the place to find someone. The best way is to install dating apps, like tinder – even the free version will be enough. The key to finding someone there… is your profile photos. Try to cover your weaknesses like being short by putting on high heels, or low makeup skills with a quick studio session. If you’re not the best photographer, try to ask your friend, or go for a single photo session. You can try on Facebook groups, there are many free photo sessions that people need to create their portfolio so you can use that opportunity. Describe your goal in Tinder’s profile description, what are you aiming for, then you will increase the success rate of finding the right match. Also here is our new article on “How to get more likes on Tinder” we highly recommend you read that. Don’t waste too much time on every single pair that you will get there. The rest is up to you to lead the conversation in the right direction.

How to get a boyfriend

In conclusion

Your main things to remember should be: “Be brave, be open and confident!” Your lover is out there somewhere but it’s up to you to find him, and you should enjoy that process of searching for the right guy.

After all, what’s the alternative? Sulking because you’re not partnered up… That’s not the right answer.

It can be hard being single. But think of the girls that may envy you for having so many possibilities in life. Many relationships might look great from the outside but usually, they have many problems. So live in the moment! You won’t be single forever, so make the most of the time you have before the right person will appear in your life.

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