Laser Hair Removal Pros And Cons – (Is It Worth The Risks?)

Many of us heard even once about laser hair removal, but what exactly does it mean? What are the pros and cons of laser hair removal?

We think that there are more pros than cons for this method, especially if you compare them to normal shaving and waxing are both temporary solutions, and will try to convince you that laser treatment is the right one. Later in the text, we will give you many examples of laser hair removal pros and cons. But let’s start with basics first so we will be able later to understand more advanced topics of pros and cons.

Laser Hair Removal Pros And Cons
Laser Hair Removal Pros And Cons

Basics for IPL laser hair removal

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser hair removal is just another way that you can remove unwanted body hair as a semi-permanent solution. To do so your body will rece

ive a few laser shots that will prevent your hair roots from growing any further. Also, technology has gone so far that you can just buy a device and use it in the comfort of your home. There are many home devices for it, but a few weeks ago we did our research to find the best product, and you can find it in our store currently on the summer sale: SmoothSkin-IPL™ for a reasonable price of under 100$. We spent a lot of days to make researching the best product at a good price. And I think we did a pretty good job as you can see in our reviews sections we do have a 4.6/5 stars rating currently, and our product is way cheaper than you can find anywhere on the internet, especially on our summer sale.

If you’re not happy every time you have to shave, or wax to remove unwanted body hair, you should consider laser hair removal, which can be the best option for you. Here are some pros of laser hair removal therapy.

Below is the list of laser hair removal pros and cons but notice that we will talk about laser hair removal as a home device that you can do by yourself. You can also set an appointment and buy a few sessions in your local beauty clinic it’s gonna increase our expenses many times, but it will make you feel safer and more confident.

Pros of laser hair removal:

  • Fast: The time between every laser shot is less than a second, for example, one armpit session can be done in less than one minute.
  • Great results: While laser hair removal can work on any body part, it is especially effective on the chin, lips, and underarm areas, especially if the skin is fair and the hair is dark.
  • Low price (You will see it also in cons): The price for any home device can vary between 100$ to 250$ USD but if you see the cost of regularly buying razors and waxing, those costs also add up (you just can’t see them that easily, many small transactions). You can consider laser hair removal as a “Beauty investment”.
  • Don’t need to be worried about your period: you should not cancel your treatment due to your “worse days”. It’s important to keep weekly sessions.
  • Almost painless: Most of our clients didn’t even notice any pain at all. The warm feeling when you click the button that’s all there is
    to it. You shouldn’t get any burns if you don’t overdo it. For a couple of days after treatment, the affected skin may become red and tender. Many people describe the sensation as similar to sunburn. The process itself, however, is typically not painful.
  • Precision: Area that you can use it on can be easily targeted. Almost every spot on your body can be treated.
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  • The best hair removal method: Laser hair removal doesn’t get rid of hair forever, but it does drastically reduce hair growth. to the point that you can stop shaving altogether and remains the most effective treatment for unwanted hair. Therefore we do see that many of our clients can go 2 years without needing any further treatment.

Cons of laser hair removal:

  • You have to be consistent: If you decided to start treatment you have to do as many sessions as you will need. If you pause in the middle of treatments you will have to almost start from the beginning.
  • It’s a long process: A session of laser hair removal on the underarms takes less than a minute. However, it takes multiple sessions to see real results (around 3 to 5 sessions for the first results), and you generally have to wait about a week between each session.
  • Don’t overdo it: We know that many of us want to get fast results but doing it more than once or twice for a single spot (in a single session) can do some unwanted effects like burns and scars.
  • Remember to wear glasses: It’s necessary to wear them in every session to keep your eyes safe.
  • You have to shave before: So it’s weird but you have to shave before every laser hair removal session because it’s necessary to shoot rays into the roots of your hair.
  • High price: If you want to buy a Laser device for yourself it can be expensive, we did our research to find the best product, and you can find it in
    our store currently on the summer sale: SmoothSkin-IPL™ for a reasonable price of under 100$. The price for any other device can vary between 100$ to 250$ USD, also you need to know which device is better to pick. Here is more info on how to pick the right device, IPL laser device article.

Many of our clients say that they’ve stopped using any other methods so we can easily say that from our experience laser hair removal is safe and effective for most people when performed correctly.

Although laser hair removal is not without its fair share of cons, we still think that if you compare it to waxing or shaving that is the best possible method to get rid of unwanted body hair. It is a very beneficial procedure to be done especially if you care about long-lasting effects. Anyone who notices the signs of a skin infection or any other issues should see a doctor. We hope that our list of laser hair removal pros and cons will help dispel your doubts and now you can finally make a decision if you want to try it at your home.

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