Laser Hair Removal Side Effects – (What Are The Risks?)

Dreaming of smooth skin for years to come, have you ever heard something about laser hair removal but wonder if it’s safe? Does it have any side effects and after how long?

Many people have considered IPL, but they are worried if laser hair removal side effects are worth it, or even probable. Laser hair removal treatments are becoming more and more popular, especially in the summer, interest in this topic among women but also men is increasing.

laser hari removal smooth skin ipl

Quick information about Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal itself is also very common, but is it safe for everyone? Luckily we have good news for you, but more on that in a moment…

Let’s start by briefly describing the phenomenon of laser hair removal.

It is the only such effective method on the market which, after a series of treatments, will solve your problem with unwanted body hair. It is perfect for people who have problems with irritation after the so-called “traditional” shaving. 

The treatment itself is based on directing the laser light which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The melanin converts the light into thermal energy which destroys the follicle. It gives really great results, however, it cannot be done at one time and a series of treatments are needed, depending on the type and thickness of hair we want to remove.

The treatment itself is usually painless and easy to carry out, but what about the side effects…?!

Laser hair removal side effects, and myths

laser hari removal smooth skin ipl

Like any other treatment, laser hair removal can have some side effects, fortunately, these do not occur in everyone.

Some of the more common after-effects may include:

  • Darker or lighter skin discoloration
  • Blisters
  • Mild swelling around the hair’s strand follicles
  • Slight redness of the skin
  • Burns
  • Color changes may occur, mainly in those with darker skin (these changes are usually temporary)
  • Temporary irritation resulting in crusting, scarring, blistering or other changes in skin surface

You may also encounter opinions that laser hair removal is carcinogenic, fortunately, after many years of research this has turned out to be a myth. It is also not dangerous to health, as lasers used for hair removal do not emit harmful radiation and do not reach deeper than a few centimeters under the skin.

However, in the beginning, it is worth making a test and checking how our skin will behave under the influence of the laser, it is called the laser test. 

What to do when such a situation occurs and such effects appear in us?

 The best thing to do is not to panic, apply moisturizers or other products that can bring relief, cold compresses are also good, as they are after sunburns when sunbathing.

As far as the risk of side effects is concerned, we already know that they are individual, for some people they occur, for some rarely, for others never. 

However, we can expect that the higher the intensity of laser light and the power of the device, the higher the probability of occurrence of unwanted complications. 

Every skin is different

Okay, but are there any contraindications when it comes to using?

It is important to remember that every skin reacts differently to laser light, so it is important to carry out a prior test. 

People with fresh tan, pregnant women, and people with a history of viral or bacterial infections should not start the treatment.

The existence of diseases such as cancer or diabetes is also a contraindication. 

laser hari removal smooth skin ipl

Solution for many

So how to eliminate these effects and approach the subject of permanent hair removal safely?

One good way is to buy your own epilation device. Instead of visiting beauty salons where prices for these treatments vary, we can save time and money and set up our own salon at home 🙂

As this is an increasingly effective and popular way of removing unwanted hair, and the devices themselves take on the appearance of more and more cool gadgets, we too, as a company specializing in interesting and practical devices and advice, present an innovative product.

Of course, I will briefly describe its operation and specifications, and a link to the product, which is now in the summer promotion can be found here in our store.

As you can see, this is a product which is characterized by an interesting appearance as well as simplicity of use. 

The handy size is a big advantage, you can easily take it on a trip, in your handbag or small luggage. You can choose from several color versions, so each of us can adjust it to her preferences. It has 8 power levels, depending on the type of hair you want to remove, and the first effects are visible after about 3 weeks. Of course, the product comes with an instruction manual and a charger.

ipl hair removal

This is an innovative product, with a modern design, which has been proven to work in clinical trials. It has also been tested for side effects, which gives us confidence in the safety of its use.

This is also confirmed by the great interest in it in recent times, of course not only during the summer season but also throughout the year. The subject of unwanted hair is very common, so finding a solution to this problem will really make life easier for many people.

The great thing is that the treatment itself is completely painless, so you can recommend it to anyone, friends, or someone in your family.

It is a great idea for a gift for Christmas or a birthday because who doesn’t like gadgets, and what is more, they are so practical. 

If you don’t have enough time to go and look for beauty parlors that offer a series of laser treatments, we can confidently recommend our home device. Simplicity is important to us, as well as safety during use, and we have had many confirmations from our satisfied customers that this product is a great solution to such a common problem.

We can safely say that this is the hit of the summer, which will stay with us for a long time.

In summary

Many of us will have some skin issues, but you have to remember that IPL can adjust to your skin type with power level also with skin tone, and that plays a big role in neglecting the side effects. If you have any of the laser hair removal side effects described above don’t panic and you should quickly consult your case with a local dermatologist. If you choose to use a home laser hair removal device rather than IPL done at a doctor’s office, follow the instructions that come with the device to help reduce the risk of injury, especially eye injuries – wear glasses that come within the package!

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