Reversible Octopus Plush – (Why Is It So Popular In 2022)

We did it! The cult classic plush octopus reversible, which became a hit last year, is finally available in our shop. You’ll find it here at a super price and in lots of adorable colors. We will also try to explain where it came from and what its phenomenon is all about. So stay with us to learn more about reversible octopus plush.

reversible octopus plush

The unusual plush – what is its phenomenon?

Since the plush appeared in 2020, it has gained its popularity on platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. It is now known almost all over the world

, and after all, it started in the USA, children, teenagers but also adults have come to appreciate its charm.

Ideal as a gift under the Christmas tree, for birthdays or Valentine’s Day, but I think that any occasion is good to give a loved one such a charming creature. Due to the availability of its many sizes and colors, everyone will find something for themselves, so manufacturers have taken care of our preferences. And here you can find our version of reversible octopus the “Mr.Octopus™”

Companies producing the reversible octopus came up with the slogan “Show your mood without words”, and the target audience was supposed to be children, but it soon turned out that age does not play a role here.

Plush toys are not only for cuddling

Nowadays, we live in an increasingly fast-paced world, we have to cope with more responsibilities and more and more people are under stress. In a previous article, we looked at this issue in more detail, but we want to remind you of an important aspect of cuddly toys themselves.

While many people think that soft toys are just for playing, it has been proven that they have many other uses. Some, like our double-sided octopus, can have therapeutic uses and are suitable for children with ADHD, autism, or Asperger’s syndrome.

Stuffed toy animals can be helpful in various therapies conducted by therapists or specialists working with children. Additionally, plush toys such as the double-sided octopus can help in the therapy of children who have problems with showing emotion.

Octopus Mr.Octopus reversible plush toy stuffed
Reversible Octopus Plush

Plush toys are good for stress

There are many anti-stress toys and gadgets on the market to help us and our children cope with the negative emotions that long-term stress causes. These can be d

ifferent kinds of balls, filled with gel, or small or bigger plush toys, which by focusing our attention improve our concentration, calm us down, and as a consequence lead to stress relief.

We can also recommend here another charming plush which has also become a hit for small and big recipients. This is the popular Bubble tea, also called Boba, which du

e to its interesting design inspired by the Bubble tea is another hit when it comes to this type of product.

As a company, we try to keep up to date with fashion trends when it comes to beauty products for women and other customers. We want everyone, no matter where they live, to have access to some of our iconic gadgets, which are there to make your day or your mood better. Here you will find our Boba, they are in three sizes and several color versions, from which everyone can choose their favorite.

Octopus Mr.Octopus reversible plush toy stuffed

Toys for special tasks

What would a child’s world be without the opportunity to play? Well, that’s right, play is part of a child’s world, and so toys also belong to it. A “toy” by definition is an object used for play, their role is, among other things, to stimulate a child’s activity (motor, mental or emotional) creating opportunities to broaden experiences, imagination, and gradual mastery of reality.

Toys inspire children, they define and direct play, they are the intermediary between the child and play. They can have many functions that only become apparent during play. The most important are: the educational (cognitive) function, the improvement function, the inspirational function, and the cognitive function.

Play is an intensive learning process, and the essence of the child’s mental development is the creation of certain schemes that will later be used in learning about reality and ineffective action.

These schemes are created in a specific order, and to build each scheme certain experiences are needed, which the child must accumulate in the process of learning. Prefabricated toys are ideal for this, but toys that can be manipulated, disassembled, assembled, and built freely, and toys that can be used in different roles and social situations.

Here, then, we can recommend toys through which you can convey your emotions or humor, such a role will be perfectly fulfilled by our two-sided octopus, which has two faces. Each of them has a unique face and a great color, which can be adjusted to the child’s preferences.

Children and animals – the perfect combination

If for various reasons, a child cannot have a real pet, or if they are still too young and just learning to be responsible, parents can give them a plush animal t

o start with. It is important to nurture responsibility and empathy in your children, which are essential for good personality development.

You can give your child a cuddly toy to start with, and then slowly teach him the behavior he will need with a real animal. Of course, owning a real animal is a huge responsibility and you have to pay a lot of attention to them, it is good to teach children from an early age that we need to take care of other creatures to be happy.

Among the most popular are of course cats and dogs, which are wonderful family pets, their contact with children is very valuable when it comes to learning about the world around us.

When we have a pet at home, we can divide up the responsibilities and when our child is old enough, we can ask them to take care of it for a few hours a day. Let them, for example, be responsible for feeding, cleaning, and walking the animal during daylight hours. Of course, let’s observe and help in case of problems, it is great when the child starts to understand what is good for him and others and what life is all about.

In summary, important things about reversible octopus plush

There are many interesting ways to teach children about responsibility and caring for others, and we already know that real animals work well here.

We already know that real animals are a great way to teach children responsibility and care for others, but we can start with stuffed animals so as not to stress the living ones, and they help children to develop good habits that will be necessary for adult life. Plush animals have many uses, many of them are ideal as cuddly toys or even decorations for the home, which give our interior an unusual character.

Now you too can become the owner of these iconic mascots, which will long be remembered. Do you have any idea about a gift? After all, a cute mascot can be perfect for every occasion, for children and not only 🙂

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