What Does Boba Mean? – (Why Is It So Trendy In 2022)

As the short answer, we will say: “They’re cassava starch balls“.

But if you want to know more stay with us, we’ll try to tell you something BIG! Let’s start with a few facts for people that recently liked “boba&#8

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What does boba mean?

The term “boba” can be understood in different ways, first, it’s a reference to an entire drink with toppings, the same you can buy in a mall for example. As a second it’s a reference to pearls or balls that are on the bottom of that drink. The drink itself is also known as bubble tea, pearl tea, and tapioca tea it is mostly depending on the country that you live in.

If you’re tired of simple coffee it is time to try boba instead. The drink will be with a straw that you can use to suck out the pearls from the bottom, the drink is covered from the top so you can take it for a walk.

What does boba mean?

What is boba made of?

The balls on the bottom or just simply boba are tapioca pearls, almost the same things that you can find in a tapioca pudding. There is also a fruity version of bubbles that are created from sugar, fruit juice, and some kind of binding ingredient, similar to that many pharmaceuticals use for pills. Boba is served as a cold drink with a straw.

boba drink bubble tea created made of

Is boba healthy?

Boba like pizza can be made from almost everything, so it depends on how you order it. A simple combination of tea and tapioca pearls won’t be bad for you and will not provide a high number of calories. Many places will add a lot of sugar to your drink, which can be within tea or bubbles, so remember that version will have a slightly bad effect on your health and also will add calories to your daily routine.

What is the origin of boba?

The boba as an entire drink was invented in Taiwan, as a mid-day break at work. It’s so popular in Taiwanese culture right now, due to its interesting appearance, it can have many colors and the bubbles on the bottom will also make it look delicious. Boba was popular in Asia culture almost 40 years ago, but only recently did it come to the united states and was also greatly welcomed. Boba shops are getting popular in many neighborhoods in recent years.

boba drink bubble tea

Is boba cheap?

Boba milk teas are unfortunately not that cheap right now, depending on where is nearest store is that you can buy them. The basic version of this drink will cost aro

und 3$ to 5$ for the base, and every topping that you will pick will add around 50 cents to that price.

Tea shops that have a stronger focus on fresh ingredients and organic, healthier options, like Boba Guys or 7leaves, may have slightly higher price points but in thos

e cases, you’re paying for quality and your health so think about it.

Is boba a plant?

While tapioca pearls aren’t found naturally in nature, they are derived from the tapioca root plant. To make the pearls for your drink, tapioca pearls are mixed with boiling water and kneaded until they reach the right consistency. You can also buy pre-made tapioca peals in most Asian grocery stores and create a drink yourself. We’ll create an article on how to create a boba drink in your kitchen in a few weeks so stay with us

boba drink bubble tea

What are boba toppings?

The topping for boba are countless, there are so many different things that you can get for it. We’ll try to describe a few of them below:

  • Boba, yea we mean bubbles on the bottom as we described above.
  • Tapioca, is almost like pudding but without any of the pudding. It looks like a pearl with a chewy and spongy texture. While tapioca pearls aren’t found naturally in nature, they are derived from the tapioca root plant to make bubbles.
  • Grass jelly… it tastes nothing like grass, and it’s not even made of grass so don’t worry. Plant similar to simple mint, it tastes like soft sugar. It’s most popular to pair it with milt tea for the perfect combination, also as coffee-based drinks.
  • Red bean, that one is a bit weird. Most of us didn’t even think about adding red beans to the tea, but it’s a common practice in Asia, it’s also slightly sweet.
  • Taro balls. They have a more gentle “melt in your mouth” feel to them, other than boba pearls that have a springy texture. Taro balls are made from taro
    mashed with sweet potato.

Also, the term “Boba” can be interpreted not as a drink so be careful with it. Boba means also a woman with large breasts mostly in internet communities like twitch or youtube. The nextshark.com has a good article about “grabbing boba” that can mean something else than drink, we recommend you to check that out.

Boba in 2021

Boba is gaining popularity nowadays, especially in the united states it’s pretty new and that’s why many of us are confused about what does boba means. Boba is also trendy because it’s a great-looking drink for every woman out there! The community created many other things that are related to boba, like boba lamps or boba plushies that are just the cutest thing in the entire world. Just take a look at them.

boba plushie

We asked our suppliers for that plushies and negotiated colors and sizes that aren’t available in other stores, like the giant strawberry boba plushie, which is 70cm tall. Take a look at it, also you can find it here in our store.

boba large xxl huge plush stuffed toy

In summary

The boba is popular and every influencer should try one, we promise that your social media are going to like it especially if you’re a girl influencer with a girly audience, it’s not only for children but mostly for adults that want to try something different than the coffee we highly recommend you to try boba instead, you won’t be disappointed.

There are many variants of boba tea so be sure to find the right one, we know that your dream taste exists so just keep looking for it. If you are interested then you should check out how you can make your own boba here in the article “How To Make Boba? (Easy Recipes For Beginners)“.

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