Arm Pain After Fall – (How To Speed Up Healing?)

Falling is dangerous, especially for our arms, but why? Because our brain instantly sends impulses to activate arms to reduce the fall damage, that way your fall onto your arms instead of falling on your chest and even your face. That is why we have arm pain after falls. But if it already happened what can we do now?

Arm pain after a fall can be caused by many factors, like simple bruises and wounds, or even a broken bone, also dislocated joints are common. But th

e real question is what we can do about it? At first, you check your arm for any wounds or burns, because bruises will show up only a few hours after the fall. If you can’t find any of those and also the Arm is in pain for more than 2 days then an orthopedic visit can be unavoidable. The doctor will check your current health condition.

arm pain after fall
Arm Pain After Fall

You should avoid putting stress on that arm during the process of healing, like lifting and holding things, try to use your second hand instead. Also, regular consultations will make you less stressed about that injury.

Dislocated arm

If your arm was dislocated then there is a high chance that it moved back to the right place after a few seconds from the incident, so it could damage the nearby muscles and that is the cause of most pain. The dislocated arm will need 2-6 weeks to heal, and in this time you will feel pain when you move your arm. Sometimes dislocated arm can also damage nerves, so it’s also important for you to visit a neurologist if you can still feel the pain after 6 weeks. You should use pain reliever ointments once a day until it’s fully healed.

Wounds and bruises

That is the less dangerous that could happen to you, so if your arm has some wounds and that is all that gives you pain then you should be safe, but it’s important to prevent infections, so check nearby drug stores for hydrogen dioxide or visit your own bathroom. If you’re good at handling pain then salt and alcohol will help you disinfect the wound, but that’s going to hurt a lot!

Broken arm

unfortunately, the fall could be the cause of a broken arm. It’s hard to check if that’s the cause of your pain, but if you touch the place where the bone is you will feel strong pain in that spot, also sometimes your bone can be even fully visible, but if you want to know more about broken arm and how long will it take to heal we have a full article about this topic so make sure to check it out! The most important in that case for you is to call an ambulance and medics will do the rest.

Accident during sports

It happened to me about a year ago during my weekly bouldering sessions. When I was climbing a difficult route, my left arm was lower than my chest holding tight to a wall, and then my legs slipped from the rock that I was standing on… unfortunately, I was so focused on holding that wall with my left arm that when I fall, my arm was still there holding it. The rest of my falling body pulled that arm with a strong force, and when I was on the ground my arm was dislocated from the shoulder, but it instantly get back into the right place.

The arm pain after the fall was so huge that one of my friends called an ambulance, but they said that has a low priority so I was left alone with my friend… Th

e next day I consulted my orthopedist, and we did some X-rays, but everything with bones was fine, even ultrasound tests didn’t show anything bad, but my arm still was in huge pain.

In the end, I waited about 6 months until the pain was finally gone!

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In summary – Arm pain after a fall

Arm pain can be sometimes unbearable, in that case, use pain reliever ointments, and if that’s not enough call an orthopedist and neurologist, they both will have some ways to help you, also if they both won’t have any idea how to help you, try to consult with a physiotherapist, and do some rehabilitation. Arm pain is hard to deal with because we do a lot of things throughout our day with that arm, and it’s even worse when that is our right arm because most people are right-handed then simple daily tasks are going to be hard.

In my case, it was easier because I injured my left arm, and I’m also right-handed. Avoid doing anything that can give you pain, like lifting things with that hand. If less your arm will be used the faster it will heal!

Why my arm dislocates often?

There are several reasons why your arm may dislocate often. One reason could be because of a previous injury or surgery that has left your arm vulnerable. Another possibility is that you have loose joints which makes it easier for your arm to pop out of place. Genetics also plays a role in whether or not you’re more prone to dislocating your arm. If you find that your arm is dislocating frequently, it’s important to see a doctor (orthopedist) so they can determine the cause and help you find a solution.

Why do I feel pain after using my arm?

If you’re experiencing pain after using your arm, it’s important to see a doctor to rule out any serious injuries. Once you know what’s causing the pain, you can start working on treating it. For example, if you have bursitis, icing the affected area and taking anti-inflammatory medication can help reduce the swelling.

Should my arm hurt after a month?

If you’ve been experiencing pain in your arm for a month, it’s time to see a doctor. While there are many potential causes of arm pain, only a professional can properly diagnose the issue.
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