Can A Pregnant Woman Get Pregnant? – (What’s The Chance?)

Pregnancy has a lot of mysteries for many of us because we weren’t told that in school, so we have to search for it on the internet. The school has a lot of flaws, but today we’re going to teach you about pregnancy, and the first question is “Can a pregnant woman get pregnant once more?”

There have been a few cases when a woman during pregnant with one child, after a few weeks and medical consultations she suddenly has twins. Don’t take it as some sort of rule, it happened less than a thousand times in the past 10 years, so you have a really low chance to get pregnant while pregnant. It sounds weird, but those cases are real, and if you want to know more about them then stay with us!

What chances do I have to get pregnant while pregnant?

If you are worried that this can happen to you, then we will give you an exact percentage chance of it happening to you. You have about 0.00001% percent to get pregnant while pregnant in words it will be one in ten million. It’s not common, and not all cases were reported and checked properly so why don’t have the exact statistics, but you shouldn’t be worried about it.

can a pregnant woman get pregnant

That’s why it’s important to visit your doctor frequently to check your state if you’re worried about it. Your doctor may have never even heard of such cases – but anyway, if you’re still worried, ask your doctor because one of his or her duties is to comfort and relax you during pregnancy.

What superfetation is?

Superfetation is the ovulation, fertilization, and implantation of an additional embryo(s) during pregnancy. It is most likely to happen in the range of 2 to 4 after the previous child. Most of our knowledge in this article is based on research from Women’s Health.

Examples of superfetation

One of the most recent examples from 2019 about pregnancy during pregnancy can be a woman from Bangladesh with twins 26 days apart from each other. She came to the hospital complaining about lower abdominal pain, after a quick ultrasound test Doctor realized that she was pregnant with twins. All you have to know is that children are safe and healthy. The mother is also fine.

The second story is about a woman in USA California in 2017. She was a “gestational surrogate” for a couple that couldn’t have children on their own. It was a legal battle because one of the children was her own biological, so only the father was different, but still, it was a legal mess. All are safe and healthy so everything is fine.

Don’t be worried about it

It’s important to stay calm during pregnancy so calm your mind and focus on something else because the risk is soo low, that even a plane falling to your house is more probable right now. If you’re worried that can be bad for your child, remember that he or she can feel what you’re thinking, so stay positive! There are many other things that you should take care of like coccyx pain during pregnancy from things like sitting too much or just from additional weight.

In conclusion – can a pregnant woman get pregnant?

Yes, technically it is possible, but the chances of it happening are so low that you shouldn’t even think about it. If something is off and you can feel it, contact your doctor immediately. 

Remember that being worried isn’t a good thing during pregnancy, and even if that will happen then you will become a proud mother of twins, so We hope that our article made you more relaxed and calm!

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