Coccyx Pain – (Can It Be Dangerous?)

In the past year, I’ve struggled with coccyx pain. The pain was almost unbearable to live with. Every time you have to change your position you can feel that tailbone. I’ve tested many ways but only a few of them really helped me, and I want to share that knowledge with you, to make your life easier.

Coccyx pain is often related to an injury. There are ways to diagnose what’s the real reason for your pain, we’ll cover that for you

today, as well as ways to cure it. Stay with us to learn more about it.

What can be the reason behind your coccyx pain?

  • The most often one is the injury for example simple fall when you exercise, it’s hard to notice at first but it can cause a broken, bruised, or even dislocated coccyx.
  • During pregnancy, during that time you will get additional weight, also your body will try to adapt, and even the baby itself can push against your tailbone, we covered that topic recently in our article about “Tailbone pain pregnancy”.
  • Poor posture, It’s a long process but when you ten to sit on your chair in an unhealthy position you can force too much pressure on your tailbone causing it to bend. Even when you walk hunched over it can cause coccyx pain.
  • Aging, with getting older our discs of cartilage that help hold the coccyx in place can wear down. Also, the bones of your coccyx can become more tightly fused together, leading to pain.
  • Bone cancer can start somewhere in your body and then spreads into that bone, but is really a rare cause.
  • Being underweight or overweight. If your body mass is too high when you’re sitting you can bend your tailbone, even when your posture is correct. On the other
    hand, if you haven’t got enough buttock fat to prevent your coccyx from rubbing against everything that is surrounding it, can be the cause of your pain.
coccyx pain

To learn more about the eventual causes of your tailbone pain check out the studies from the US national library of medicine.

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What can be the symptoms of coccyx pain and how to cure it?

If you struggle from pain whenever you have to sit down or up it can be coccygodynia. The pain should appear also when you try to run, also it can increase in intensity with bowel movements or sexual intercourse.

To make sure you should consult with your orthopedist. You can expect to stay on x-ray, after that the doctor will be able to exclude any injuries, and order you some exercises, rehabilitations, or further tests.

After everything that you have done to cure it that was ordered by your orthopedist, you will still feel pain, the option for you will be coccygectomy, it’s a surgery considered to be safe.

The surgeon will remove a part of your coccyx to relieve your pain. Remember that tailbone is a useless part of our bone structure.

My story of coccyx pain

Currently, at the moment of writing this article, I’m almost cured, but I know how painful it can be to live with. My case was complex because there was no injury related to my tailbone. In my case bad posture was a key to success, as a person that has to sit on my chair for the most part of my day, I had a bad habit of sitting in unhealthy ways, which led to my coccyx pain.

coccyx pain

 After many consultations and tests, one of my colleagues advised me to buy a special orthopedist pillow, that has a hole inside of it. That was a big relief, but it only make it less painful, the real problem was still to be cured.

I’ve remembered that one of my orthopedists ordered me some exercises, most of them were stretches focused on the bottom parts of my body. I’m still doing

them, but my condition gets better and better.

As a programmer, I’ve never done any stretches before, but I’m getting used to it. My condition is way better, I can finally jog (I couldn’t before because of that coccyx pain), all thanks to the stretches. 

Remember that was my solution for it, and in your case, it can be something totally different, so make an appointment with your orthopedist and start that journey.

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