His Ex Is Prettier Than Me – (How To Change it?)

Did you finally jump up to check your boyfriend’s Ex girlfriend? It had to happen anyway in your near future, and I bet you are currently thinking “His ex is prettier than me” if that’s relevant in your case then stay with us because we have a great solution for this problem.

His ex girlfriend is called that for a reason, and that reason is he picked you over that girl. You can be mad about it but that’s the truth th

at you have to face. If you truly are worried about this then follow our instructions and we will explain to you in detail how are you better than that girl.

boyfriend's ex

How am I better than his ex girlfriend?

If you think that you are not pretty then your boyfriend thinks otherwise. Note that it is only your opinion that you are less pretty than his ex, and maybe he thinks otherwise. Ask your best friend who you can trust for an honest opinion if for her she is more pretty than you are.

Maybe the beauty is the only thing that you are worse than her. Look at her current job, education level, future perspectives, and charisma, those and even more things can be the reason you are overall better than her. So it’s important for you to know his preferences that will let you imagine why he picked you over her, so go and ask him now!

Guys have a lot of fetishes when it comes to how a girl looks. Maybe he’s into short but skinny girls, or maybe energetic and funny girls, so it’s important to know because there are millions of combinations that can make you prettier than her in his eyes. Some guys are into muscular women, and we even did a big article where we asked guys about muscular girls, but let’s get back to the topic.

Try to reverse your roles with your boyfriend and think about what type of guys do you like? I bet you won’t say the perfect “Ken from barbie”. You have something in your mind that when a guy has them you feel excited.

After some months you will start to know more about him, and maybe he will reveal by himself some aspects and what he likes in girls, but you can speed up that process and ask him yourself. Maybe he’s into some sort of sport and he will like you more if you do this with you, like jogging. It will make your relationship stronger.

his ex is prettier than me
His ex is prettier than me

Did he ever tell you why did they break up?

It’s important to question but hard to ask. If you feel confident or depressed enough to ask that, you will get an instant answer to your question, the truth wi

ll finally be revieled, but use it as your final option, because he can feel offended by that question.

Try to get what’s best out of these questions, the things that he didn’t like in his previous girl, you can avoid doing those mistakes so your bond will b

e stronger. Maybe he didn’t like the way she was dressing. Overall asking questions will make you feel more natural with each other, and doing things together will let you ask him things that are important to you because he will trust you more.

In conclusion – His ex is prettier than me

If after everything you still feel sad about it all then talking with your boyfriend will let you relieve yourself from all of that. Be honest, and ask yourself “How am I better than his ex girlfriend” if you don’t know the answer then for sure your boyfriend has. You can be bothered by your boyfriend’s ex, she can’t be in your life anymore so try to get rid of any thoughts about her, and that will make your life easier.

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