How Long Does It Take For A Broken Pinky To Heal? – (Heal Faster)

Pinky finger and pinky toe are exposed to many injuries due to our body movement, whenever you walk into your apartment and hit that big table with your pinky toe, the pain can be unbearable, but be wary that this happened to all of us many times, so you’re not first asking “How long does it take for a broken pinky to heal?”, and we’re here to answer that question!

A broken pinky will heal in the time range of 2 weeks to 8 weeks it can depend on many factors like:

  • How bad it was injured
  • Was that finger injured in the past
  • How old are you
  • How good will you take care of it during the healing process

The last one is very important because you can shorten the process of healing by doing certain things, and we will explain those things in this article.

how long does it take for a broken pinky to heal

How to check if my pinky is broken?

We know it hurts a lot, and you can be worried about your pinky but remember that we tend to damage it several times in our whole life, and most of the time it wasn&#

8217;t broken but if you want to know for sure then follow our instructions to check it yourself in your home:

  • It’s very difficult to move that pinky
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  • Your pinky has excessive swelling around it
  • Your pinky is bent in a different direction than normal
  • Your pain is lasting long after the incident
  • The slightest touch gives you a great pain

If you have one of the symptoms above then you should consult the injury with a specialist, like an orthopedist, but any other medic will be able to say if you have a broken pinky. Don’t panic and check it first for yourself. If your accident was bigger than hitting the table’s corner in your house, like a fall from height, or a cyclist crash, then you should also check your other limbs for any injuries that are more important than pinky like breaking an arm bone. We have a big article about “How long does it take for a broken to heal” so make sure to check it out.

Ways that can reduce the time needed for pinky to heal

At first, you should consult a doctor, he or she will tell you what is important for your pinky to heal properly because be aware to your bones can connect together in an unhealthy way so which can give you more problems in the future. So focusing only on reducing the time needed for the pinky to heal is pointless, that’s why we will suggest you only things that have both of those aspects which are healthy ways to reduce the time needed for the pinky to heal:

  • Protein supplements
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  • Avoid smoking and drinking
  • Focus on a healthy diet with vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements
  • Give broken bone a proper rest

Those things will boost your healing process. Also, remember that if you previously had that bone broken in that spot then it should be stronger for a certain period of time, but there are no real evidence and studies that can prove that your bone will be stronger in that spot for the rest of your life.

broken pinky

Your age can be crucial, because children have less dense skeletal structures so it’s easier to break than those of adults, but it will heal faster when you are young. For example, if you have broken your pinky and you are currently 60 years old then the process of healing will be at the end of that healing process range which is 8 weeks. On the other hand, if you are a healthy young adult around 20 then your fracture should be healed in about 3 weeks so just be patient and listen to your doctor.

In summary – How long does it take for a broken pinky to heal?

Everything depends on your current health condition, but on average it will take 5 weeks to fully heal your pinky. Remember that if you are worried about it then immediately call 911 and let specialists take a look at it to prevent any future problems. Stay healthy and know that everyone injured their pinkies more than once in their whole life so it’s a very common issue!

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