How Long Should You Lay On An Acupressure Mat?

Did you get into the hype train for an acupressure mat also? I’ve did bought it 4 months ago, and now I can share with you my experiences, if that was a good purchase or not. Can your body really benefit from laying on an acupressure mat? How long should you lay on an acupressure mat? Those questions and many others we will cover in this article, our knowledge is based on my own experience and studies found on the whole internet, but we won’t try to sell you anything!

So as a short answer for “How long should you lay on an acupressure mat” you should lay on an acupressure mat for 20 to 30 minutes in a single ses

sion once a day. The acupressure mat should also have included a pillow, that can be used for your chair to support the lumbar. When you are using it as a normal pillow then try to bring it a bit lower to the back of your neck.

How does an acupressure mat work?

The acupressure mat is related to ancient Chinese therapy known as acupressure, and we can buy it as a mat to use in our office or home. This type of therapy is using hundreds of small needles, they are supposed to point at your muscles. That way your muscles will release something called endorphins, which also help your blood circulate inside those muscles and release the tension from your body. If the blood flow inside a specific spot will increase so your body will direct more oxygen to that area, and that will help targeted are in healing and relief you from pain.

Here is a study from Hndawi about benefits and how does that mat works so check it out if you want to know more about it. Increased blood flow can also help you with spider veins. Also, you don’t need to be worried about pregnancy if you are laying on your back.

What can I do on an acupressure mat?

You can use it for your feet – After a full day of walking then it’s a great solution to improve your blood circulation on the bottom side of your feet. Simply stand on it for about 20 minutes once a day, by for it to help, you must have used your feet in that day, so if you work as an IT person and you mostly sit during your working hours that won’t help you help you much. Your feet should instantly feel relief from pain.

When you feel headaches – There is an area on your body that can help you get rid of headaches. If you put the neck pillow where the back of your head is connected to the back of your neck, that spot can be the source of your headaches, and if you lay on an acupressure pillow used on that area, then you can reduce the pain. There can be a lot of reasons why you have headaches but it really is worth trying!

You can use it for your back pain – If your back is hurting you a lot, so laying on the ground or simply putting it on your chair will increase the blood circulation in that spot, and will let you feel relaxed after that sitting time, try to do this for at least 30 minutes.

If you had any type of injury like dislocated joints or swollen body pa

rts like arms or legs then it can also help you with its benefits for blood circulation.

How Long Should You Lay On An Acupressure Mat?
How Long Should You Lay On An Acupressure Mat?

How should I use an acupressure mat?

There are many different ways to use it but know that acupressure should be used on muscles, so laying on your face can be dangerous and pointless. Mostly used ways t

o use acupressure mat:

  • Laying on the floor on your back.
  • Putting the mat on the chair when you work for example.
  • Laying on the floor on your chest, try to put your face above the mat.
  • Putting your legs on the mat when you sit or lay on the ground.
  • Standing on the mat with your feet, be aware that it can give you more pain because the area you will be staying on will be smaller than if you put your whole body on it. So staying on the mat will give your skin on the feet more pressure and pain.
  • Putting the acupressure pillow on your chair as lumbar support.
  • Laying on the acupressure pillow on the ground with the back of your neck.
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  • Grabbing the pillow or rolled mat between your arm and side chest or between your thighs.
  • Can an acupressure mat help with stress?

    Acupressure will make your body release endorphins and those are well known to help your brain deal with stress. Our body has many mystery weapons that can help but you need to know how to unlock them, and acupressure is one of them. Acupressure works similar to a sauna, so it will lower your muscle tension, and calm your mind.

    When your muscles are used all day, at the end of that day you will feel worn out, and then if you use an acupressure mat your brain will focus on that little pain that is caused by acupressure, that can reset your senses and when your session will be done, then leaving that little pain behind is so relaxing for our bodies.

    When you believe that your doing something good for your health will have a positive result on your mental health and also lower your stress level, so stay positive about it!

    Is an acupressure mat expensive?

    As we said at the beginning of the article we won’t sell you anything but, if you’re really interested then you can buy it on Amazon for about 10$ USD, so yea it’s cheap and affordable. And we can say from our experience you won’t regret that purchase.

    In summary – How long should you lay on an acupressure mat?

    You should aim for about 20 to 30 minutes, but if the pressure is higher like standing on it with your feet, or you simply can’t stand the pain then stop at this moment. You should use your acupressure mat in the evenings when your muscles are tired and tightened for it to give some noticeable results.

    So if you have spare free time in your busy daily routine then you should lay on a mat for at least 20 minutes. Remember that acupressure is an old type of medicine created in china and it lasted until the XXI century so it really has some benefits to our health and it’s worth trying!

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