Low Calorie KFC – (What To Avoid?)

Everyone loves fast-foods but we also have to be get rid of that belly fat, and sometimes it’s not possible to avoid any junk food like KFC, so if you have to eat something from that restaurant then we should pick what’s best and has a low level of calories. But low calorie KFC even possible? In this article we’re going to cover that for you and show you the full ranking of the KFC menu, to make your life easier.

Can low calorie KFC be possible? Yes, it can be – most things from the menu are based on simple chicken so it can’t be the worst fast foo

d ever. Stay with us we’ll tell you what’s best if you are on a diet, and also what you can take to stay healthy.

low calorie kfc

Chicken meals

  1. Ribs 218 calories per 100g
  2. Breast 236 calories per 100g
  3. Drumstick 247 calories per 100g
  4. Thigh 271 calories per 100g
  5. Wing 284 calories per 100g


  1. Twister grill 192 calories per 100g
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  3. Mega pocket grill 213 calories per 100g
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  5. Zinger grill 215 calories per 100g
  6. iTwist grill 225 calories per 100g
  7. Twister classic 239 calories per 100g
  8. Longer 242 calories per 100g


  1. Salad piccolo without sauce 15 calories per 100g
  2. Salad cesar without sauce 41 calories per 100g
  3. Salad greek without sauce 54 calories per 100g
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  1. Vinaigrette 96 calories per 100g
  2. BBQ 102 calories per 100g
  3. Orient 126 calories per 100g


  1. Milk shake coffee 120 calories per 100g
  2. Milk shake strawberry 144 calories per 100g
  3. Vanilla ice cream 155 calories per 100g

That is our list for KFC if you still want to eat something from KFC, then pick the first position from every category above, and that way you can reduce the whole meal by 400 calories and that’s about 20% of our total daily caloric demand. Also if you want to check the full table of KFC foods then fastfoodmenuprices posted one recently.

We know that sometimes you just feel that strong hunger to get some fast food, and that’s related to almost anyone who tried to be on a strict diet before. Remember that you can eat junk food sometimes, but if you pick a meal with the lowest calorie level then you can forget about the consequences. We highly recommend you to try our diets that help you lose body fat faster like a fruitarian diet or only a vegetable diet, and if you want to see some quick results then we have the hardest diet with the fastest results and that is called water fasting.


How to avoid fast food

Before you go for a quick meal from the KFC, try to do something else, something that can replace that unhealthy meal, and here is some quick advice to avoid that junk food:

  • Drink to fulfill your stomach – That way you won’t feel that hungry and you can cheat your body that it doesn’t need any more food.
  • See the progress you have achieved – If you’re currently doing some sort of diet, then think how many pounds did you lose already, so is that worth breaking that progress?
  • Eat something else – Even the slightest thing can make your brain forget about hunger for a few hours, like eating a single apple, that way can help you relief from hunger for at least 2 hours.

In summary – Low calorie KFC

KFC can have some meals that are actually low in calories and can fulfill your stomachs, like chicken ribs or chicken breasts. Those have a moderate amount of calories and are only slightly unhealthy, mostly due to the breadcrumbs. Try to avoid fast food but if you feel like you need to get one, then aim for something from our list above!

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