Tailbone Pain Pregnancy – (How To Treat It?)

During my previous pregnancy, I’ve struggled a lot with my tailbone, the pain was almost unbearable. It took me many sleepless nights until I’ve started my research about tailbone pain pregnancy. All the information that I’ve gathered on the internet during that time, you will find here in this article. I know how hard it can be to live with that’s why I’ve decided to share my knowledge.

There are many reasons why your tailbone hurts, but the most common is that your body is going to adapt by stretching the abdominal area to create a plac

e for the baby. Also, the growing baby will start to push against the tailbone behind the uterus. This will result in a lot of pain and will increase after each day. I will give you some pieces of advice that helped me to relieve the pain, during pregnancy.

tailbone pain pregnancy

symptoms of tailbone pain pregnancy

If you’re not sure if exactly tailbone is the problem in your case, we’ll give you a list of symptoms related to this issue:

  • You feel pain while sitting, walking, and climbing.
  • The pain is located in the lower back or in the hips area.
  • Pain during bowel movements.
  • The pain can get worse when changing position for example from sitting to standing.
  • The pain when you touch your tailbone with your hand.
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  • After a long walk, it starts to hurt a bit.
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If you have any of the above we can treat it as Coccydynia, that’s the professional word for tailbone pain.

What can be a potential cause for coccydynia?

There are many possible reasons for you to feel that pain, it can be caused by many other things rather than simple pregnancy. Maybe you’ve had it long before your pregnancy but, currently, it just gets worse. 

The reasons are:

  • Poor body posture – If for example, you have bad habits of walking or sitting it can be related to your coccyx pain.
  • Injuring your tailbone – You could injure it during exercises or any other activities.
  • Being underweight – If you don’t have enough fat on your buttock to prevent your tailbone from rubbing against the tissues surrounding that bone.
  • Being overweight – If you’re sitting down you can bend your coccyx in the wrong direction. Your own body mass will make things worse as time goes by.

How to deal with tailbone pain?

Everything starts inside your head, for most of us realizing the problem is the key to our success. So first you should think about what can be the cause. From statistics the most common cause is “poor body posture“, if that’s your problem then you should think about what’s wrong with it and what you can improve. If you’re after that part then good job, we’re almost halfway to relieve from that pain. When it comes to losing weight, we’ve recently added our article about the fastest way to lose body fat.

tailbone pain pregnancy

Check your BMI if it’s in the right range for your body type, and height, also try to remember if you have had any painful accident when you landed on your buttocks in previous months or even years. If that’s not the case here you can try things that helped me a lot during my pregnancy… simple stretching. I’ve never done that before, but after a few days, I noticed the relief. These types of stretches helped me the most, you should try them as well:

Adductor stretch:

  • Stand with your feet about two shoulder widths apart, bend the left leg and slowly lower your whole body keeping your back straight, and use your arms to balance, you can put them on your hips. You will feel the stretch in the right leg adductor. Hold the stretch for about 15 to 30 seconds or before moderate pain level and repeat with the right leg.

Hip and thigh stretch:

  • Stand with your feet about two shoulder widths apart as in the previous exercise. Turn the feet and face to the left. Bend the left leg so that the right thigh so the knee is close to the ground and the left lower leg is vertical. Gradually lower the body keeping your back straight and use the arms to balance, you can also put them on your hips. You will feel the stretch along the front of the right thigh and along with the hamstrings of the left leg. Hold that stretch for about 15 to 30 seconds or before moderate pain level and repeat by turning and facing to the right.

Remember that you should consult your issue with an orthopedist, especially if your tailbone pain is related or caused by some sort of injure or the pain, is just unbearable.

My problem was mainly caused by bad posture when sitting, I’ve had a bad habit of putting my legs on the table when I was sitting on a couch or the computer’s chair, my back was bend and most of my weight was focused on my coccyx, and after a few months I’ve started to feel some negative results from that, also I’ve gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy period.

If stretching doesn’t suit you:

  • Self-massage to your buttocks, and back muscles can be a good solution. You can buy a body massager that will be designed for those parts.
  • Special buttocks pillow is the cheaper solution. It’s a pillow designed with a hole in the middle of it to make your tailbone take less weight to hold.
  • Heat or Ice pack on your coccyx.

In conclusion

You’ve done your first step to relief from that pain. For me, it took months until I’ve realized how big is that problem. The pain increased gradually until it was almost unbearable, then I’ve started my research. I hope you’re far away from that point, but You already know a bit more about this issue.

Remember to consult your actions with your doctor, there is a specialist dedicated to those kinds of issues, called an orthopedist so try to get an appointment. I know how painful it can be, but remember that in most cases it’s not permanent and you can deal with it quickly if you stay consistent. Wish you the best of luck!

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