Are Women Hornier Than Men? – (Statistics And Examples)

We live in a society where we can most likely hear that men are the ones that are way hornier than women because they are the ones who will approach first, they only think about going to bed, and how to skip a lot of boring parts on your first date and get to the more funny moments, but maybe it’s only what we have believed so far and the reality is way different? So are women hornier than men? Let’s find out.

The general studies about this topic say that it depends on the day of the month and the exact hour. According to many studies, men are hornier in the morning hours,

but on the other hand, women are way hornier than men in the late evening hours. Also, Women feel the most turned on when they are ovulating around days 13-15 of their menstrual cycle. Last week we also did our poll and asked you about the specific hour when you feel the most excited.

Why women are hornier than men?

It’s not that easy to say who is hornier because, there are many different people out there, and as we said above it highly depends on the hour and the day of the menstrual cycle, but why those two are the most important factors? Let’s start with a specific hour of being turned on.

We’ve added the polls and interviews made from “daily mail” with our own poll and we took the average to show the most relevant information and the specific statistics for the time of day when women and men are the most turned on:

Time of dayWomenMen
6 AM – 9 AM12%23%
9 AM – 12 PM10%17%
12 PM – 3 PM8%7%
3 PM – 6 PM4%4%
6 PM – 9 PM 16%9%
9 PM – 12 AM28%17%
12 AM – 3 AM18%13%
3 AM – 6 AM4%10%
Time of day when women and men are the most turned on

As we can see in this table, women tend to get excited in the evenings, but men on the other hand are more convinced in the morning. That’s just how our bodies work, and we have seen this pattern in many other studies so maybe it’s also relevant to your case.

What does the ovulating process have to do with your sexual desires? Women feel excited when they have a high amount of estrogen in their organism. Estrogen is highly related to your ovulating process, and it often happened to be on the highest levels on 13-15 days of your menstrual cycle.

There is also something in our bodies that we don’t fully understand yet, but women’s bodies feel very turned on the day they begin their periods, or slightly after that when they have their progesterone levels high. This makes them very turned on in that period.

Why women are hiding that they are turned on?

Unfortunately, that’s mostly due to the social aspects, and what we were taught as we were children. During our childhoods, boys were t

aught to be manly, to show their charisma and what they are capable of. Every boy wanted to make some new world records, or simply to be the best at something.

On the other hand, we have girls who were thought to be soft and pretty. To always be on the good side of the conflict, and hide their emotions because that d

oes not suit them. It also depends on the state or country you were raised in but, in any way you should see the difference here.

are women hornier than men
Are women hornier than men?

All of that will have a huge impact on us when we grow up. Guys start to talk about how good they are with women, but girls don’t talk about something like that at all, because they learned that it’s not something that a lady would do.

That’s why women even if they are turned on it’s hard to recognize it for a simple man, but when a man is turned on it’s totally obvious to everyone around him.

If you think that’s something bad, then try to find a guy who will accept how you feel about this topic, and how you behave when you are excited. You don’t need to get any pass from society to show off how turned on you are, if your boyfriend accepts it then it should be more than enough.

In conclusion – Are women hornier than men?

Many women are hornier than men but not every time, so it’s not that simple to say for sure because we are all different, but from the facts that we have learned from many studies we can say that women tend to be hornier than men in the late evenings, but men are hornier in the mornings. Also, Women are highly turned on at the start of their period, and during the 13 to 15 days of their menstrual cycle.

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