Can I Marry My First Boyfriend? – (Tips And Examples)

Happy engagement and then the awaited wedding, everyone will admit that this is one of the most beautiful situations in life. However, like any of the more important decisions in life, it should be well-thought-out. In this article, we will answer the question: can I marry my first boyfriend?

So can I marry my first boyfriend? There is no clear answer, as many couples as there are scenarios for a happy life. However, always remember that getting ma

rried is an important decision.

Times are changing and with them the thinking of modern people, certainly, our parents had a slightly different approach to getting engaged than today’s youth.

It used to be more common for girls to marry young, often for their first loves, too. However, let us be aware that there are no golden means to make every wedding first and last, the key to happiness is only the happiness of the young couple.

Important topics before the wedding

Getting married is not just a time of organizing and working out the details of the biggest event in your life. It is also a time of preparation for marriage, which we should devote to deepening our relationship. These few important things can also help me decide, can I marry my first boyfriend? Several aspects need to be addressed and seriously discussed, these include shared responsibilities, expenses, and children.

  • Sharing responsibilities, everyone has their expectations and ideas about their future husband, so don’t overlook the subject of sharing responsibilities, both every day and in special situations. Compromise is a good solution, remember about what each of you is good at, being together means complementing each other, because nobody is perfect
  • Finances, money management, spending, and saving. Not only the wedding and its celebration are not small costs, it is good to keep an eye on your expenses from the beginning, and also to set aside some amount of money, for example for holidays, bigger purchases or investments
  • For children, one of the most important topics, starting a family is first about becoming parents. Talk about whether you want, when, and how many c
    hildren you will have. It is important to take the subject very seriously, upbringing, education, and learning to live in society are just some challenges
  • Sex, what are our needs and desires, expectations in this intimate area? It is worth becoming aware and learning to talk about changes in sex life s
    o that each partner feels equal and valued
  • Work and career, how important work is for us. Is someone else’s career more important? What if one of us loses our job? Are we comfortable with our spouse’s level of career ambition? What if the situation forces us to move to another city/country for work?
  • In leisure time, living together is not only about work and responsibilities, but it is also mainly about spending time together. Leisure time should also be well-thought-out here, whether it be common interests or even going out with friends. In a relationship, it is also important to have a balance and for everyone to have their own space

If you are in a happy relationship but sometimes lack ideas for spending time together or would like to find a new activity. We have some interesting suggestions for you in this article.

can I marry my first boyfriend?
Can I marry my first boyfriend?

Avoid these qualities in your future husband

Whatever your philosophy of life and personal convictions, marriage is a very important undertaking. It should therefore be thought through in various aspects such as finances and fidelity, as it is not easy to get out of it. Also, be wary of guys who have these traits, it is best to steer clear of them:

  • He does not care about your relationship, he is not very interested in your opinion, what you agree or disagree with. He doesn’t listen to your requests. Not only is this disrespectful to you, but it’s also a complete disregard for the relationship rules that every relationship should be based on
  • Doesn’t like animals, not everyone has to have a pet at home. However, if you see him referring to any animals with hatred, it could be a mental problem. Such a guy has no empathy at all, probably, also towards people
  • Breaking promises, everyone can forgive a small mistake, forgetfulness, and even once broken promise. But if you simply cannot count on a man right
    now, it would be crazy to expect this to change after marriage
  • Not being able to talk if a guy is only good at talking about himself, telling his stories. Conversely, when you want to tell him something, he immediately sorts of shuts down. These habits not only show a lack of conversation skills, but also show who is better, more important, and worthy of attention here
  • In lack of self-reflection, a relationship is about giving, receiving, and sharing. So if you are the one who cares about the relationship while he sleeps peacefully and doesn’t care, it just means that he is not serious about your relationship
  • Aggression – if your guy gets offended over everything and then gets aggressive if he doesn’t like something, you should rethink your relationship. Unfortunately, over time his behavior can even lead to physical and psychological violence

These are a few examples that should make you think twice about whether your partner is behaving similarly. Of course, there are many relationships, but beware of such relationships; happiness is important, but so is security.

In Summary – can I marry my first boyfriend?

We already know what qualities in guys to avoid if we want to create a strong and happy relationship. There is no clear answer to whether can I marry my first boyfriend. Because there is no golden recipe for happiness. Whether he is your first boyfriend or not, whether he is younger or older, is not as important as the fact that you are happy together and get along super well.

Of course, there is plenty of advice when it comes to relationships, such as combining zodiac signs and the like, but everyone should do what their heart tells them. You can also see the most common causes of divorce in these statistics, and these include conflict, lack of commitment, or feeling undervalued by the other person.

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