Cat Likes My Boyfriend More Than Me – (Is That A Bad Sign?)

Sometimes it’s hard to understand our pets, even if we have lived with them for many years. They do know you and your family well, but when someone new comes your pet can be very scared or very happy about that and nothing in between. Animals like cats and dogs will try to show us their emotions about something, but it’s often hard to understand correctly, and in this article, we will focus on a common issue “Cat likes my boyfriend more than me” and what we should do about it.

Animals get used to the owners that’s why they can’t be always happy when they are close because that became daily normality over time for them

trong>. There are a few signs that can change your mind, and finally, realize if your cat likes your boyfriend more than he likes you. This topic can be a little complicated but stay with us and we will explain it to you, also with the tips on how you can change it!

Cat likes my boyfriend more than me
Cat likes my boyfriend more than me

How can I know if my cat likes me?

If you truly love your pet then you want him to love you as well. In general, we do have pets to finally have a special friend to spend time with, to not feel alone, and to have fun with, but what if that pet is angry with us or doesn’t look like he enjoys the time with you… the problem can be more complicated because you could misunderstand your pet’s emotions.

Even when you live with your family you can’t expect them to smile whenever they see you or be nice to each other at every single minute, but you all know that members of the family love each other. So you can’t expect your cat to love you every single minute, cats get used to their owners over time.

When someone new appears your cat is very scared or very happy and those are extreme emotions, but they will fade away as time passes, and your cat will get used to that person.

If you want to know for sure that your cat likes you then you should ask yourself those questions:

  • Did I ever hurt my cat?
  • Do I love my cat?
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  • Do I spend a lot of time with him?
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  • Do I cuddle and pet him a lot?
  • Is he scared of me?
  • Does he sleep in the place where you are sitting most often?
  • Those questions will give you an overall idea of whether your cat likes you or not. Remember that if a cat doesn’t like you then he wouldn’t spend much time with you in the same room, or he wouldn’t come to you whenever he needs something.

    How can I know if my cat likes me?
    How can I know if my cat likes me?

    Cats love when you give them a lot of attention, so try to spend time with him as often as you can, even when he sleeps. After some time he will appreciate it and will trust you more!

    How to understand what my cat needs?

    Cats like to spend the time alone. If he needs your attention then he wakes up and rushes towards you to give you a sign of what it needs right now for example to feed him, cuddle or clean up the mess he has done already.

    Cat’s behaviors can be different depending on his species, but in general, if a cat needs cuddling or petting he will use his head to push your hand

    rong> because he knows that this part of the human body was the most often used to petting him.

    If your cat needs something to eat he will stand nearby and try to speak to you something in the meow language. You will know your cat’s behaviors over time, so make sure to watch out for them. That way you will understand him and his needs and he will be more likely to like you more!

    How to understand what my cat needs?
    How to understand what my cat needs?

    In Conclusion – Cat likes my boyfriend more than me

    It’s not an easy task to determine whether your cat likes you or not, but using our questions from above you should get the overall idea of what your cat thinks about you. If it looks like whenever your boyfriend shows up and your cat starts to adore him, then it can be compared to a kid being happy about new visitors at home because finally, something happens.

    Over time their relationship will start to get normal because your cat will get used to your boyfriend. You should also try what your boyfriend is doing, that you are not doing, maybe that small thing is the main reason why your cat likes him! To understand more about your boyfriend check out our new article “Do Guys Really Have No Fashion Sense? – (Why Is That?)“.

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