Do Guys Like Natural Beauty Or Makeup? – (Examples And Tips)

Every woman has her natural beauty, but what does natural beauty actually mean? Do guys like natural beauty or makeup As it turns out it is not so obvious, but it is known that fashion and trends change. But what do men think about makeup and its type? In this article, we will find out.

Probably every woman at least once in her life asked herself a question, do guys like natural beauty or makeup? According to the latest resea

rch, 73 percent of men prefer it when ladies have makeup on. Their favorite makeup style is the smoky-eye, or underlined eye.

What is natural beauty?

Natural beauty can be understood to mean now or very minimal make-up, as well as resistance to new trends and fashions promoted in the media or in advertising.

Research conducted in 2006 shows that make-up changes the way a person is perceived and judged. Women who use beauty products are seen as healthier and more confident than girls without make-up. And yet the opposite is often true!

Make-up is sometimes considered part of the dress code. For work – yes: discreet and minimal. For parties – at your discretion, to the point of madness. And in everyday life and after hours, the less, the better, because our complexion also needs a break from cosmetics and make-up.

What make-up do men like?

Most guys will say that they like women without make-up. However, it is usually the case that women who know how to subtly emphasize the natural advantages of their beauty effectively attract the male gaze.

Natural make-up is not conspicuous, but it is decorative and adds character, so it’s good to know the different types of make-up depending on your beauty type. Here are some tried and tested make-up types:

1) Natural makeup, is a type of makeup that is very delicate and aims to mask mainly minor imperfections. Whatever your skin type, make sure you choo

se your makeup and cosmetics according to it. With this type of makeup, you can bet on mascara and lipstick in calm shades, this is the so-called everyday look.

2) Bold, more expressive make-up that highlights the eyes and lips. The right make-up creates a feeling of excitement, fascination, or desire, effect

ively attracting the male gaze. For this make-up look, go for the vamp classics, so black for the eyes in the form of smoky eyes or cat-eye eyeliner and red lips is a choice that will appeal to many men.

3) Innocent make-up, men also like visible make-up, but not necessarily with glaring shades. Bright, preadolescent cosmetics and girly pinks give the face a fresh, youthful glow.

This look makes men feel that a woman is fragile, delicate, and innocent, and makes them want to wrap a strong arm around her and pamper her.

When choosing make-up for yourself, remember to know your skin and beauty type. Not every look is suitable for every type of beauty, if you are unsure ask for advice, you can also get professional advice from beauty salons for example.
In this article, you can read about the different skin types and how to care for them.

Do Guys Like Natural Beauty Or Makeup?
Do Guys Like Natural Beauty Or Makeup?

Make-up mistakes or what men don’t like

We already know do guys like natural beauty or makeup and in fact, you can find lovers of both types. Most men, however, will pay attention to well-chosen makeup, which is supposed to emphasize beauty. But let’s remember that in these matters too, what’s too much is not healthy. Here are a few things that are generally not so appealing:

  • Too much gloss on the lips, unfortunately, does not come off as inviting, but even repulsive. Lips seem sticky and too glossy, and it’s not very comfortable when kissing
  • Strong contouring, of course, a tan is hot, but be careful with too much bronzer as it makes the makeup look too artificial
  • Black lipstick, dark matte lipstick on the lips, is another thing that men are not fond of. It makes us look menacing – like we’re going
    to a goth party, not a date. Beware of combining dark lip liner with lighter lipstick – a combination that guys find more ridiculous than hot.
  • Strange eyeshadow colors, most guys like a neat but natural look without bright experiments such as green lipstick or yellow and blue eyeshadows. Such trends look good on the catwalk of a fashion house, but not on a Sunday walk with your beloved
  • Clumps of eyelashes are caused by either bad mascara or too much of it. This fashion mistake means that mascara, instead of making our eyes look voluminous and hot, has the opposite and rejecting effect

The new no-makeup trend

In most commercials or films, women often have impeccable make-up, sometimes the more flashy the better. What the media and fashion create has a big influence on how a woman’s beauty is perceived. But let’s remember that when we look for this type of advice, we can find a lot of practical make-up tips.

But if you find that your make-up is taking up too much of your time and resources – think again and start using make-up consciously. It’s not about throwing away cosmetics and fashion advice altogether, but about using it with your head – according to your needs, without going to extremes. In this post, you can read about which parts of women’s bodies guys like.

When do guys prefer women without makeup?

There are very many types of makeup, depending on the occasion, whether it is everyday makeup, special occasion makeup, or for some big event. Women, therefore, have a lot of room for maneuver and experimentation, but sometimes no makeup is welcomed by men, here are some situations:

  • Total ease – women without makeup are often interpreted as more relaxed and even more cheerful. Makeup means they regularly have to be careful about what they eat or even do, so as not to ruin the perfect look sometimes
  • In fun times – a girl who doesn’t wear make-up can sometimes be seen as a tomboy. However, when having fun, she doesn’t worry about broken make-up and doesn’t spoil the atmosphere with it
  • Playing sports – sports and movement is healthy. Depending on its types and disciplines, you can sometimes get more or less sweaty or even wet by swimming. In these situations, make-up can even get in the way and spoil the fun
  • Confidence – a woman who is not ashamed of her appearance and likes to be natural, also becomes very hot. Confidence is a killer and is one of the most attractive qualities anyone can have. Let’s not be ashamed to show our true self
  • Time is money – not wearing makeup also means not stopping for constant touch-ups. How many times does a woman glance in the mirror to see if her makeup still looks perfect.

In Summary – do guys like natural beauty or makeup?

So do guys like natural beauty or makeup? It turns out that most men appreciate the efforts of women who go for elegant or hot makeup. But let’s remember some makeup mistakes because sometimes too much cosmetics on the face can give the opposite effect to the intended one.

Natural beauty is still in vogue, and more and more celebrities and screen stars are promoting it by showing up in everyday situations without makeup. However, it is true that the right makeup always makes a good impression and will attract the male gaze.

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