False Awakening Nightmare – (Tips To Control It)

Have you ever had a nightmare that scary for you to even remember it a few days after? Was that dream about something weird? Maybe it was about waking up, but it wasn’t really. When you lay in your own bed, after waking from another nightmare then that moment of waking up is also getting scary, and after the second it’s finally over and you are free from that “waking up loop” again in your own bed. It is very scary but you have to know that it has been named “False awakening nightmare” and there are some studies about it and we will show it to you here.

Simple nightmare is not enough to scare you? What if in that nightmare your mind will trick you to feel safe by showing you have you wake up, that wi

ll give you relief but won’t free you from that bad dream, and quickly that quiet moment becomes scary as hell.

Why do we have nightmares?

You have to know that nightmares are triggered and created by your own brain, and often it is a representation of your daily problems. Nightmares are caused by many factors like anxiety and stress, and everything you have in your imagination before falling asleep, that’s why many people do some techniques to clear their mind before going to bed, like yoga or jogging.

False awakening nightmare
False awakening nightmare

Sometimes you can have a longer period in life with more frequent nightmares, then you feel scared even before you fall asleep. It can last for a few months or even until you get rid of your mental problems. The ordinary stress from your daily life can trigger nightmares, the potential causes can be:

  • Problems at school
  • Move from your old house to a new one
  • Quarrels with a boyfriend
  • Problems at work
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  • Death of a loved person
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  • Recently watched horror movies
  • A person we hate

There are other causes for nightmares, but they all are connected with some strong impact on your mental health. For example when your coworkers are laughing at you for your weaknesses, or when you recently broke up with your boyfriend and now you feel alone and want him back.

Sleep paralysis in a false awakening nightmare

You can also experience something called “sleep paralysis”, it’s common when you dream about waking up, everything looks normal, and you can feel and see everything but with a small difference which is you can’t move at all. That can be a very scary experience because that feeling of helplessness is driving us crazy.

If while your sleep you are dreaming about waking up then immediately when you realize that something is off then your mind starts to think about something negative, that’s why it almost always ends with a scary nightmare.

There are studies and theories about false awakening, and those are related to lucid dreams. From studies, we can learn that about 79% of habitual lucid dreamers have reported false awakening at least once per month. So if you are a lucid dreamer then you can have a high chance of having false awakenings.

Lucid dreamers, what are they?

Lucid dreamers are people who are aware that they are currently dreaming while they are asleep. They are strong-minded people, who are aware that the

events that they are seeing in their brains are only dreams, and are not really happening. They can tell if that’s a dream or reality for sure.

lucid dreamers

Many studies have shown that about 50% of all people in the entire world may have had at least one lucid dream in their lives. It’s not something you need to be born with, rather it’s a skill that you can learn by practicing, then you will be able to freely control your dreams while they are ongoing.

Controlling your dreams

You have to understand how powerful is your mind, and with a little practice, you can control your dreams. The quickest solution is simply to think about something that you want to dream about before falling asleep.

If you are struggling with your problems when you are in your bed trying to fall asleep then it can cause nightmares. People tend to think in their beds about their daily problems, and what should they do the next day, rather than focusing on something happy.

So if you change your habits to think about your problems while trying to fall asleep to something cool like having a date with that guy you secretly adore, then your life will be easier.

There is also a way to change your current dream from the inside while you are currently in it, but it takes so much practice to do because you first need to be aware that you are currently dreaming and if you have that knowledge then try to imagine something great and that will appear in your current dream. It’s not something that can everyone do, but try to remember that if you are aware that you are dreaming then you can fully control it.

Let’s summarize it up – False awakening nightmare

That’s not something paranormal, but a common event that happened almost to half of our populations, mostly due to strong emotional events in our life, or just by our bad habits of thinking about problems right before we fall asleep.

You don’t need to worry about them, and if you want to get rid of them then try dealing with your daily stress and other problems related to your daily life. Check out our new article about “How to deal with stress” to free yourself from nightmares.

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