Guys Weaknesses In A Relationship – (Tip To Improve Them)

Are you currently in a relationship, and you want to know more about your partner’s weaknesses? Or maybe you already have some clues about his weaknesses, but just want to confirm that and see if that’s common among the other guys? Don’t worry because we as human beings should learn more every day, and knowledge is not something you should be ashamed of. So today we will explain to you Guys weaknesses in a relationship also with examples and tips.

We don’t recommend using this knowledge against your partner, but rather to help him overcome them and make your relationship better. There are

many common guys’ weaknesses in a relationship like:

  • Avoiding home duties – Many guys weren’t tough when they were young to do any home duties because their mother was doing it for them, like washing dishes, making a bed, dusting, or even cleaning their own room.
  • Being lazy – It’s related to the point above but it can be related to many things in a relationship, like thinking about things that you can do together, or spending a whole day on a couch.
  • Poor personal hygiene – It’s not something we can see only in comedy movies but it’s a fact that men tend to care much less attention to their personal hygiene and the things that they wear. They just need one pair of pants and shirt to survive, and until it will be totally unwearable they won’t wash it otherwise.
  • Being impatient – Have you ever done something bad, like you have broken a plate while washing dishes? Even when you wanted to do something good, a man can be angry at you for that. It’s more related to a fighter type of guy who tends to irritate even faster.
  • Being bossy – Many guys like to order someone related to him, especially their girlfriend, for example saying to their girlfriend that she should do this, and that. They simply like to order someone who they know that they can.
  • Not taking criticism well – If you say something bad about him but even when it’s real, he can feel offended and a
    void talking with you for many hours or days, but we as women are even worse in this case. We, women tend to feel offended many more times than an average man.
  • Being Unorganized – Sometimes he can’t remember small things like where he put the phone, or for a planned meeting he will start to prep
    are around ten minutes before that.
  • Aggressive personality – If you sometimes go to the clubs you can see how your boyfriend is looking at the other guys out there. Men sometimes like to fight and look for small things to argue about.
  • Being late for your meetings or dates – Many guys have this issue to be late for every meeting, and statistics show that men are more often late for a planned meeting than women.
  • Being Easily bored – Have you ever been on a date with your boyfriend and during something he said that he’s bored and you both should go home? It’s common that they are easily excited about even small things but after some short period of time, they will get easily bored.
guys weaknesses in a relationship
Guys weaknesses in a relationship

Note that all of the things above are not something guaranteed for every man, but those are the weaknesses that are most common amongst men, most of them are bad for both of you, but it’s important in relationships to work on your issues and make your relationship better every day.

How to work on my partner’s weaknesses?

At first, you should realize what is relevant to your boyfriend from our list above. After that, it’s important to show your boyfriend that this weakness is bad for your relationship, and if he will be able to see your point of view, then you will both try to do something about it. Of course, if you both care about your relationship and its future.

You are now both in it so having a long conversation is a second step. The reasons why is he doing that can be very different and the solutions to them can vary a lot also, but the most common reasons are:

  • Poor home education during his childhood
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  • Bad influence from his friends
  • School teachers who didn’t care about him in the past
  • Parental influence even while he’s adult

It’s important to trust each other and if you will know the source of the problem it will be easier to find a solution for it. There are also expensive ways like going to a psychologist, and he will use his knowledge to find the source of the problem and then solve it.

As we can see in studies from “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” did studies about mental health treatment among United States adults. From studies, we can learn that in 2019 about 19.2% of the adults had received any mental health treatment in the past year and about 9.5% received counseling or therapy from a mental health professional like a psychologist.

So it’s nothing weird to go for therapy to solve your issues, as we tend to think in the past. It’s a totally common thing nowadays. Every one in ten people in a year period is a lot, and it shows us how important and helpful can be a therapy.

If you don’t want to go that path, then having a conversation with your partner is a must, and after that, you can support him along the way, with small reminders here and there, just to keep him on the right track, and finally overcome those weaknesses together.

guys' weaknesses

In conclusion – Guys weaknesses in a relationship

If your boyfriend has a weakness that can be bad for you both then solving that issue should be for both of you a priority. It will make your relationship stronger in the future. For now, maybe he doesn’t even consider those things as bad for your relationship, so tell him how it look from your perspective.

After that, find the source of the issue and that will help you to find the right solutions because only you know what should be done to solve it, maybe except a psychologist, because he’s specialized in solving this type of issue, but it can be an expensive method. Remember that every hard conversation will strengthen your bond.

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