How Difficult Is It To Be A Streamer? – (7 Tips For Beginners)

In 2022 there are thousands of streamers out there on the internet, but there are only a few web platforms that are worth giving a try, like, or There are also a lot smaller platforms for specific countries but if you are an English speaker then you should check out those two top 2 platforms. Some people are accidentally making it harder than it should be, so if you ask yourself “How difficult is it to be a streamer?” Then we have got some good tips from the best streamers.

Being a streamer requires some knowledge about the internet in general, but for many people in their 20s or even teenagers, those are just basics. But from an

objective point of view, we have to say that being a streamer is hard and even harder if you want to get famous. We will explain it all to you in detail and give you some tips, so keep reading!

What is required to be a streamer?

Almost anyone can be a streamer in 2022 but it’s more complicated than it used to be because streamers are competing with each other more than it was before so you need something to stand out. Maybe your personality will be enough to gather a lot of people quickly, but often it’s not enough and that will force you to try out new things like:

  • Live visual effects
  • Giveaways to your followers
  • Visual overlay of your stream
  • Joining a community of streamers

And many more… There is a lot to learn before you will be able to compete with top streamers, basic knowledge about graphic design is a must, also things like a

udio live editing, so let’s point out the skills that are required to be a streamer:

  • Attracting people
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  • Being consistent
  • Being familiar with most social media
  • Graphic design
  • Interesting personality
  • Audio live editing
  • Charisma
How difficult is it to be a streamer?
How difficult is it to be a streamer?

If you have the skills that we have mentioned above then you need to know that this is just the beginning, due to the fact that being a streamer can be also expensive

, and to start you need the minimum setup which is:

  • Decent computer
  • Good quality microphone
  • Live webcam (It’s not required but a good addition)
  • Software to start a Livestream (You can use free software like OBS)

After all of those things from the lists above you will need to start watching many tutorials and reading articles about live streaming, and how to reach out to new potential followers. At the start of your live streaming journey, you will most likely talk to yourself most of the time.

It’s very hard to gain followers, especially if you have none at the moment, but it is a slow process, so it takes a lot of your free time to reach your goals. That is why we are here, to make your life easier and because of that we have created a list of 7 tips for every beginner streamer to gain some followers at the start!

1. Join streaming communities, and make friends

You are not the only one who is trying to gain followers, there are other similar small streamers with a small number of viewers. You should try to make some friends, that way you will be able to share each other’s streams, so the people who are watching your friend’s stream will be able to check out yours as well, and maybe even click that follow button.

What is required to be a streamer
What is required to be a streamer?

2. Use many social media at once to promote your stream

Streaming requires you to use other social platforms to communicate with your audiences like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Twitch is not suited to contact your followers by simply texting them. The power of social media is very underrated, and you should use them to reach out to new people and grow your audience.

3. Encourage people to click follow button on your stream

People tend to forget about simple things. Even if they are currently watching your stream, and really enjoying it, maybe they won’t click that follow button just because they have forgotten about it, so it’s very good practice to remind people about it.

Many people even don’t know about the possibility that they can follow your stream to get notifications next time, so try to explain it in a few words. Also if you don’t want to piss off your audience then try to encourage them at the end of every live stream, right before you are going to end, because that will make them feel that something good is ending for now, but it can be back in the future.

4. Remind followers when you plan to start your next stream

The notification system on twitch and many other platforms is based on email notifications and an alert when you are currently on that platform. Sometimes you can see a notification on your smartphone, but even all of that can be not enough.

That’s why it’s a good practice to remind your followers when you are going to start your next stream. Even better if you could promise your audience the exact hour every single day, for example, “every day at 10:00” that will for sure be easier to remember.

5. Notify people right after you are going to start a stream

This point is related to a previous one based on social media, because notification systems of your streaming platform are limited, and you should try to notify as many people as you can.

For example, someone is following you on TikTok, and that person is checking it very often rather than checking your streaming platform, so for that person, it will be way easier to join your live stream. Try to use more platforms to get along with your audience preferences.

6. Be consistent

A lot of streamers nowadays are streaming at random hours and random days, and that’s not good. The algorithms of streaming platforms and social media are more likely to promote someone who is consistent, also for your audience, it will be easier to join your stream and remember the exact hour of the next stream.

7. Talk with your chat

If someone will finally manage to talk about something on your chat, then try to talk a bit with that person, that will create some sort of a bond between the streamer and that follower. Also when people that are watching you at that moment will think that you are a nice guy they can try to talk about something.

A lot of streamers in 2022 when they are a bit bigger then immediately stop talking with their followers, and that’s can be very bad for a stream for a long period of time.

In summary – How difficult is it to be a streamer?

Unfortunately, it really is hard, maybe even harder than a normal job. We hope that our points have proven to you that it is going to be a difficult journey, but if you still want to try then use our tips from above and all we have left is to wish you luck.

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