How Do I Like Someone On Instagram? – (Tips For Beginners)

Social media in 2022 can be complicated for many people that are above 20 years old, but no worries, because we will hold your hand and tell you how does it work. So if you think about “How do I like someone on Instagram?” Or “How do I find my friends on Instagram?”, or “How can I see new pictures from my friends on Instagram?” or anything else then don’t worry we will guide you.

Check out the pictures below because you will be able to compare them to your view on desktop or smartphone, but for now we will describe it to you as simply as possible. On the whole Instagram website you can see boxes with content and most of the time you can see the heart icon below the photo, and clicking on it will give the creator of that picture a “like”. There is more that comes with “liking” so stay to learn new stuff and to see the picture to understand the whole idea better.

How does Instagram work?

On your main page which is, you can see something that is called “feed” and there you have content from all of the people that you have followed recently. Sometimes you can get a random creator, but it should be something connected to your interests.

how do I like someone on Instagram?
How do I like someone on Instagram?

The “feed” is often ordered by the upload time so if someone posted an hour ago, and another person posted 5 minutes ago then on the top you will see that person from 5 minutes ago and then a person with a post from an hour ago.

You can also publish your photos with descriptions there and an Instagram algorithm will try to reach that content to people around the world and maybe someday you will become famous! You can even post short videos if you feel creative enough.

There is a search bar on top of the page that will help you find what you need, check out the photo below.

How do I find my friends on Instagram?

The search bar on the of the page will allow you to write your friend’s nickname and check out his profile, on his or her profile you can find:

  • All of your friend’s photos and videos from recent years
  • The number of your friend’s followers
  • The number of your friend’s posts
  • The information about who your friend is following
  • Button to message your friend
  • Button to follow your friends’ content
  • The overall description of your friend’s profile

Using a search bar you can also search for the topics that you are interested in, like example climbing, fashion, or even nature. So try to be creative because the content that you will find from other people can make you interested.

How can I see new pictures from my friends on Instagram?

To find your friends on Instagram you need to click follow button on their profiles, so using the method that we have described above, you can find your friend’s profile and then click the follow button on the top of their profile.

How can I see new pictures from my friends on Instagram?
How can I see new pictures from my friends on Instagram?

That will let you see their content on your main page without the need of checking your friends one by one. You will have all of your friends’ content in one place. You will get everything that they will publish, but if you don’t like what they post you can still click the “unfollow” button on their profile, and that way you won’t see them on your main page anymore.

In summary – How do I like someone on Instagram?

Instagram is one of those simpler social apps, but we hope that our guide was helpful to you. The things that are simple for younger people aren’t always that easy for someone older or a person who has not a lot of experience with social media. That is nothing to be ashamed about, so don’t worry. You would be surprised how many people are asking similar simple questions about things that are easy for you!

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions below in the comments, also if you feel that this stuff is too basic for you then check out our new article about “How To Get Fake Likes On Instagram? (Tips For Beginners)“.