How Do I Unlike Someone On Tinder? – (Easy Tutorial)

Have you ever been in the situation when you did a mistake on tinder and liked someone’s profile then realized how big a mistake it was? Maybe it was someone you know from real life that you don’t want to interact with or maybe after some time you have realized that you don’t like that person. So what should we do now? How do I unlike someone on tinder? Will the notification about my like show up on that person’s phone? We will cover those and many other questions about tinder in this article so stay with us.

Go to your list of matches, then click on the person you want to unlike, in the upper right corner you can see a flag or shield icon, click on it then you wil

l have some options and one of them will be something like “unmatch from x person” that way you will prevent any future contacts with that person, but when you unlike someone then you have to face the consequences of that decision if you want to learn more then read this article.

My Boyfriend Is Always On His Phone When We Are Together
My Boyfriend Is Always On His Phone When We Are Together

Remember that tinder is a huge application created by many developers and it’s updated constantly. Our guide is based on the information gathered in 2021, so if you don’t see the icon in the corner or there is no option there to “unmatch” then know that something has changed, but we’re sure that if you look closely at that chat window with that person you will see something like “additional options” under specific icon where you will find some options helpful to you.

After unlike will that person see a notification

If that person liked you already before you did, then there is a small chance that he or she will see a notification about it, but if you quickly unlike that person then the notification won’t show up.

Also if you are worried about notification with something like “X person unlike you a few minutes ago” then you can calm down because tinder doesn’t have that type of notification. And if you want to learn more about the algorithms behind Tinder then check out our article about it. That way you will get way more likes and make fewer mistakes in that application.

Consequences of unliking someone on tinder

If you want to unlike some on tinder then you will have to face some consequences, at least many sources are claiming it to be true, also in our own research, we did find something like it. So after you will give that “unlike” then your account will get some restrictions, like not showing up that often on others’ feed, that way you will get a lot fewer likes than you previously did. That is a way tinder will punish you for your mistakes. Some even claimed that they couldn’t give the same amount of likes as they previously could, but we can’t confirm that.

Those restrictions can be lifted after weeks or even months, no one knows exactly, but from our account, they were lifted about 2 weeks later, at least we think they were lifted because we get about double the amount of likes.

Tinder has many mechanics that we still didn’t figure out, and they add more with every update, so we highly recommend you to stay away from “unli

ke some on tinder” unless it’s totally necessary for you.

Sometimes getting ashamed because we did like a person that we actually don’t like is better than reducing your chances for future matches with any other person

, so think twice if it’s worth it in your individual case.

What can I do after unliking someone

In our case we simply waited about 2 weeks and things get back to normal, but it can be totally different for you, so if you don’t want to wait that long, then copy all of your data from that account and simply create a new one, and don’t do that mistake ever again. If you’re not worried about 2 weeks period with lower results then do that, or simply stay away from the app for that period.

You can improve your account with simple tricks about tinder small talk that will give you a higher rate of a successful conversation. Learning new skills and improving old ones will make your Tinder journey faster and easier.

In conclusion – How do I unlike someone on tinder?

You can do that by clicking on the icon that is in the top-right corner of every text window with a specific person, which will open additional options where you can find “unmatch that person”. The consequences in our opinion are not worth it, because a single click to “unmatch” will cost you literally hours wasted fighting against Tinder’s algorithm to get back your average daily likes. Don’t do it for fun, and use it only if it’s necessary for you.

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