How Many Instagram Likes Should I Get? – (Examples And Statistics)

We’ve all been there, dreaming about great fame on social media like Instagram or any other, but it’s getting harder and harder with every single year to get some traffic. Did you know that about 80% of Instagram’s famous people are female? It’s really motivating but what if you did spend a lot of time building your community and finally reach some big followers number but they don’t watch your content? It’s so frustrating when you want to publish something great that you have spent many hours on and then there are no commonest and almost zero likes.

Maybe you’re wrong and the number of likes is correct. So how many Instagram likes should I get with a specific number of followers? We gathered data from Socia

lBlade’s API and we did our own research about it and created this table below for you. Check the ranges of likes that you should have per single post on average with a specific number of followers:

Number of followersLikes per postEngagement rate
50 followers10 – 30 likes20% – 60% engagement rate
100 followers 15 – 55 likes 15% – 50% engagement rate
300 followers 30 – 135 likes 10% – 45% engagement rate
500 followers40 – 210 likes 8% – 42% engagement rate
1000 followers80 – 400 likes 8% – 40% engagement rate
1500 followers105 – 585 likes 7% – 39% engagement rate
3000 followers230 – 1200 likes 8% – 40% engagement rate
5000 followers300 – 1600 likes 6% – 32% engagement rate
10000 followers400 – 2600 likes 4% – 26% engagement rate
20000 followers600 – 4800 likes 3% – 24% engagement rate
50000 followers1250 – 10000 likes 2.5% – 20% engagement rate
How many Instagram likes should I get?

The numbers from the table above are rounded and as the average of at least 100 cases each. We hope that “how many likes” is a bit clearer now as you compared them to your Instagram profile. How many likes is good on Instagram? If for your number of followers you are in the range of likes or even above from our data table then we can say that you’re doing a good job!

how many Instagram likes should I get

Why do I have a low engagement rate on Instagram?

As you can see in the table above the average engagement rate is getting lower (without a single case) with the higher number of followers, so as your profile grows the lower engagement rate will be, unfortunately. It’s not related only to Instagram, it’s a trend common on every other social platform.

Think about it if you just have started your influencer journey then most of your followers will be your friends that are more likely to engage with your content because you know each other, so you will thank them later in real life, but as your profile will start to grow then your ratio of “friend” to “random people from internet” will show you a drastic decrease of engagement rate, even though your number of follower will still increase.

Also after some time, people will forget that they gave you a follow, and the algorithm won’t show them your content if they didn’t engage too much in the past.

Many of the bigger Instagram profiles tend to buy fak

e Instagram likes and followers just to flex. You can also do it but it won’t help you in the long term, but if you just want to show up then you can buy for about 10$ about 1000 followers.

How can I improve my engagement rate on Instagram?

If you are below those ranges then there are many ways that you can improve the engagement rate of your followers, like:

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  • Doing competitions – Competitions, in general, were invented to make some kind of reaction from the audience, so doing them on Instagram will surely make your audience more engaged. You can make a reward for the first three places for the exchange of likes and comments, which will boost your statistics.
  • Doing polls – Polls are easy because if someone will read your question and you provide answers for him or her then that person is forced to answer that because it will need just one click, but keep the question engaging and short, and for the answers, you can use “like if x” and “comment if y” that will make a huge impact.
  • Creating good content – Try to ask some of your trusty friends what is your profile missing, maybe photos are just boring, or the filter used is annoying. Overall creating good content is the key to a successful Instagram profile.
instagram profile

In Summary – How many Instagram likes should I get?

It depends on your current follower number but the overall range should be between 5% to 50% of total engagement. Don’t buy followers or likes, that just simply won’t help you, and stick to our advice and wait for results, because you won’t get bigger overnight! Check out our guide on how to get more likes on tinder, there will be also much advice that can help you on Instagram.

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