How Many Likes Does The Average Person Get On Instagram?

If you are reading this then you probably want to compare your statistics to others so you ask yourself a simple question which is “How many likes does the average person get on Instagram?”. Comparing yourself to others can give you the overall idea of whether you are doing things wrong or good. Everyone wants to be above the average but before that, we need to know where is our place in all of it, and comparing to others is a great method.

For that, we have prepared the statistics from many Instagram profiles, and social forums to give you the most accurate answer, but unfortunately, it can be complicat

ed. The average person on Instagram gets about 15 likes per post. There are thousands of Instagram accounts that are getting 0 likes, and they are lowering the average number a lot. Also, the average should be scoped to your country and audience to give you a real comparison. We will explain it in the detail in a moment so stay with us!

Should I compare myself to others on Instagram?

Comparing yourself to others can make you feel sad, but that won’t be the “comparison” itself that made you sad, but it will be the outcome of your comparison. Because if the result of the comparison is very bad then that makes you sad. Comparing is hard and you need to be prepared for the worst outcome.

Should I compare myself to others on Instagram?
Should I compare myself to others on Instagram?

Comparing ourselves to others can give us the information necessary to make our future decisions better. That is a quick way for us to improve some aspects of our lives because we can take the results of other people and see how we are doing in comparison to that. Check if we are above the average, and if we are below, what should we improve.

What amount of likes should I get on Instagram?

If you want to improve your own account on Instagram then you need to gather only the results that are related to your case. For example, you should look at accounts that are targeting the same niche as you do, and also the same audience. Otherwise, the date can be misleading and give you false results.

How many likes does the average person get on Instagram?
How many likes does the average person get on Instagram?

Things that you should be similar to your Instagram account:

  • Targeted audience’s age
  • Targeted audience’s country or state
  • Type of content that you are posting
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  • How much work they are putting into the content creation
  • How often they are posting

If you are sure that your account and the other account that you will be comparing yourself to is similarly based on those aspects above, then the result should give you real information about what you are doing wrong, and what to improve to get better results.

Getting false results can lead you to wrong conclusions and even worsen your current situation, that is why it is important to think twice before you start to compare.

If you are going to compare your account with another that is not similar to yours it will give you a lot of headaches and problems to solve.

For example, if your audience is mostly women around 30 years old from the USA and also you are posting daily content then your Instagram account should get more likes than a person who’s targeting men in Australia that are around 50 years old, with only 1 post per week.

How can I compare my Instagram account with others?

At first, you should check Instagram accounts that are similar to yours. Find about 10 of them and write something in your excel or use anything else that will let yo

u write down the statistics. The statistics that should matter for your comparison:

  • Date of the first post
  • Number of posts published
  • Recent likes number on a single post
  • Recent comment number os a single post
  • Number of followers

Those are the 5 things that are the most important aspects of every Instagram account, that way you will be able to see if you are ahead of the curve.

Unfortunately, many Instagram influencers are doing unhealthy things like saying negative things about others just to make them stand out more or buying fake likes to get instant results.

In Conclusion – How many likes does the average person get on Instagram?

Comparison is a great method to get some intel on your competition, but you need to be ready to face the sad truth or maybe you are well ahead of the other influencers. Anyway, it is good to check it out!

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