How Many Likes To Go Viral? – (Tips For Beginners)

Have you ever heard things like “Just make viral content and you will become famous”? And it is kinda true, but the key is how can it be done? How to make viral content? How many likes to go viral? In this article, we will focus on TikTok as its most famous app for getting famous quickly, and also it has the most potential to make you famous… why? Stay with us and we will tell you.

For TikTok, there is not a specific number of likes that will make your content viral, and we will explain it in detail later in our article but for now that

getting 300 likes in two hours since the video was published should make that video viral. If you want to know why then we have to explain to you how the algorithm works on tiktok.

how many likes to go viral
How many likes to go viral?

How does the TikTok algorithm works?

Ok, the first thing you need to know is that social media won’t share their secrets on making viral content because that will ruin the competition, so they won’t tell us how exactly that works and that applies to almost every social media out there, but the basics should be similar because it just can’t work another way.

To understand how video can go viral we need to know the basics of showing content to other people. TikTok has 2 main pages, one is with your subscriptions so only the content that you are currently following, and the other page is about what you may like where TikTok suggests you something new but similar to the content you have been following before. The first page is called “following” and the second “for you”.

When you have about 100 followers on your TikTok profile and then upload something new then this content should show up on your followers’ feed. When you add hashtags then TikTok’s algorithm can pin it for others as similar content for them to possibly like, and that is how you get new people to follow your profile. If you want to know more about the TikTok algorithm then check out our article about it. Note that all of the above are just things that we think are true because they worked that way in the past.

How many likes to go viral?

When we have the basics covered for the TikTok algorithm then we can talk about real stuff. The question about how many likes is not accurate in this case because it’s a bit more complex. As many sources have speculated the video will get viral if it gains a specific number of likes in a specific time period. So “How many likes” is totally irrelevant because if you get about 300 likes in 5 days, that won’t make that video viral, but if you do this in two hours then the TikTok algorithm sees that many people liked it already after that short amount of time.

So when you have a big amount of likes in a short period then your video will pop up on this second page “for you” as similar content worth sharing with other people in the world and if they keep liking it quickly then your content will spread further until it will slow down and stop bringing new likes. So it’s not that easy to make viral content as many people think.

As you can see, the best solution to make your content go viral is to create good content that’s engaging, maybe follow some trends.

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Following trends on TikTok

TikTok trends are great to make yourself a good start, just find something that you can do from current TikTok trends like dances or funny acting. Th

ose have a high rate of success because many people that watched and liked the trend will also get in the future on the page “for you” some of your content that is related to that trend. That won’t let you be creative but it’s a shortcut to get an audience.

how many likes

If you do this trend better than most people then you will speed up that process of getting likes, try to think about what you can improve with that trend, or just do that perfectly then you will be noticed for sure. We also have a great article on “How to grow on TikTok” with much advice that you can try with your content so make sure to check that out.

In conclusion – How many likes to go viral

Likes should be important on your way to get famous but remember that hard work, good content, and being patient are the greatest reasons for your profile to become successful. So don’t be bothered too much about how many likes should you get per post, just do the work and the results will come someday, also try to use some of our advice from this article.

There is also a big shortcut with buying likes but we don’t recommend that path, that will make things way worse for you so try to avoid that at any cost.

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