How Many Months Do Relationships Last On Average?

To build a successful relationship you will need a lot of effort and time, unfortunately, not a lot of us do want to do that much. Many years ago it looked totally different, and if you don’t believe then ask your parents about that. Today in the age of the internet and social media we have a lot more opportunities to find our potential partner, but somehow statistics are showing that it is way harder now to build a successful relationship, and we will tell you why is that. Also, you will learn how many months do relationships last on average, so stay with us and keep reading!

Time is crucial in every relationship, how long will the love between you last will depend mostly on your mindset and age. The younger people tend to

have shorter relationships than people above 30, but the overall range for the average time that standard relationship will last is between 6 – 18 months period, but that is only the general range and we will explain what it depends on.

How long will my relationship last?

You are in the right place because we have invited our psychology specialist Catlin Brown, to help us answer today’s questions. You need to know that if you are already in a relationship then you have all the information necessary to determine how long will your relationship last. Because you know yourself and your mindset, but also you have spent enough time together to know your partner.

How many months do relationships last on average?
How many months do relationships last on average?

Let’s start with the person which you know the most, which is you, and ask yourself those questions:

  • Why did I have picked this person to be my partner? – Maybe you did it to prove something, or for that person’s look, or maybe you did it because you feel good while spending time together.
  • Do I want to build a family with that person? – At some point in your relationship, you should already know if you want to have family, but it needs some time to get that knowledge.
  • Do I care about this person? – Some people even while together they don’t care about each other that much, and even a small argument could break your relationship apart.
  • Are we getting along on a daily basis? – Do you spend a lot of time together, and when the day is over you are not sick of that person, then t
    hat is a good sign.
  • Do we have an honest plan for our future together? – Would you mind buying an apartment together, or starting a business together, those are b
    ig plans and if you are talking about similar things then it is very good for your relationship.

All the questions above are here to help you get the overall look at your relationship, but you need to be honest with yourself. If you already have answered those questions and you feel like most of your answers were not so strong, then that can be a bad sign for your relationship’s future, but remember that many answers will come only after some time.

How long will my relationship last?
How long will my relationship last?

You won’t talk about building a family in your first or second month, but after 6 months you should have already talked about it at least once, even if it was a short and funny chat.

Why people are not serious about relationships?

The expectations related to relationships are based on your mindset and age. Let’s as we talk a lot about mindset here we will focus on age. Younger people tend to have different goals in life, for example, weekend party, finishing colleague, or just having fun, and for that, you don’t need a strong relationship,

As you grow older than your goals change, and you want to have a place that you can call home, a nice job, or even build a family, and for most of those goals, you will need a partner to help you with all of that.

Even things that are supposed to be done by one person like a 9 to 5 job, are easier when you have a partner, because that person will hear you out whenever you will have a problem with your manager, or just help you prepare for your next day at the office.

If you are still a teenager then there is about a 95% chance that your relationship won’t last long enough to make you parents, but if you are both in your 20s then it is great to find someone that will be serious about your relationship.

Why people are not serious about relationships?
Why people are not serious about relationships?

People in their 30s are even more serious in terms of building a successful relationship at the percentage of failed relationships is decreasing. It’s sad but&#

xA0;about 50% of married people in the USA at some point in life are getting divorced.

In summary – How many months do relationships last on average?

With every single year, we can see that relationships are lasting shorter on average, and that’s because our life has changed dramatically, the era of the internet and social media like TikTok or Tinder are making it harder to find a future partner. Maybe it can look easy because we have a lot more opportunities, but unfortunately those relationships are fragile and won’t last longer than 6 – 18 months.

If you want to find a perfect partner for yourself you need to follow the trend and use the most hyped applications like Tinder, that way you will find a lot of people that won’t care much about a relationship but there is a chance that you will find the right one. If you want to have a higher chance to find the right person then check out our new article about “Tinder Small Talk – (Tips To Improve Your Chances)

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