How Much Do Small Twitch Streamers Make? – (It Is Worth It!)

Everyone at some point in life wanted to be an influencer, or in our case “streamer”, there are many questions for it: How to start? What platform should I use to stream? What software should I learn to stream? How much do small twitch streamers make? We’re gonna answer them all today for you so stay with us. We got our intel from top twitch streamers and traffic statistics, also from ads companies charts.

As the answer to the main question – How much do small twitch streamers make? They make about 50$-200$ with an average of 5 viewers per Livestream<

/strong>. There are many ways that you can monetize your channel, unfortunately, to reach those numbers you need to use them all, and put so much time into your channel. If you want to learn more about ways to monetize your channel, just stay with us.

As the first thing, you should focus on becoming a twitch affiliate, which will help you grow your channel faster, and start to monetize it.

how much do small twitch streamers make

How to become a twitch affiliate?

Let’s start with quick information about what a “twitch affiliate” is. So on the twitch platform there 3 main ranks for streamers: normal twitch streamer, twitch affiliate, twitch partner, and as a small stream, you should aim for twitch affiliate because the requirements are not that hard to fulfill.

To become a twitch affiliate you need to have:

  • minimum of 50 followers.
  • Total live streaming time of 500 minutes in the last 30 days.
  • An average of at least three or more concurrent viewers over the last 30 days.
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  • A minimum of 7 or more unique broadcast days in the last 30 days.
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    Those are all requirements that you need to fulfill in order to become a twitch affiliate. They all are pretty low, but the hardest will be to get an average of three concurrent viewers over the last 30 days. You’re gonna struggle with that because you will need at least two more people to watch your stream. Many streamers that we talked to consider this part as the hardest.

    After all those requirements were met, you will have to go to your settings and then find an option to apply for a twitch affiliate.

    What are the benefits of being a twitch affiliate?

    Why do we want to become a twitch affiliate? There are many reasons but most of them are here:

    As you can see in the image above, the ones that will make you most beneficial will be: 

    • Subscriptions – Your viewers can subscribe to your channel to get fancy icons and respect on the chat.
    • Cheering with bits – Many twitch viewers have bought bits, those are points to donate to streamers for their good work, and show up on the screen with custom text.
    • Additional ads – There are many companies that will give you an additional ads widget, that will appear every 10 minutes to show an ad.
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    With those two you can make some profit, but it’s important to keep growing your channel and think of it as a long process, it’s not a “get-money quick scheme”.

    Viewers donations

    You can help yourself with 3rd party programs like streamlabs, to get fancy widgets for your stream, like follower notifications, chat window, and tips jar… all of those have great animations and will help you to grow your audience.

    But the main reason is to get a payment gateway that your viewers can use to pay a small amount of money like 1$ to make their message show on your stream, it’s commonly known as a tip and is widely used on almost every live stream on twitch.

    how much do small twitch streamers make

    You can connect it to the tips jar, and make a table with “the highest amounts tipped in this week” or “most recent donator”. Try to get a good-looking layout for this, but keep it simple, don’t overdo it as many streamers unfortunately do.

    Your viewers can also help you with affiliate programs, like buying stuff with your discount code to give you a small percentage of the money they’ve paid or bought some games from your link, that way they have a small discount and you will get some of that money, so it’s a win-win situation.

    How much do small twitch streamers make?

    After we covered all mostly used ways to monetize your Chanel at the beginning of your twitch journey, and you’re an affiliate twitch streamer then it’s time to talk about real business.

    At the beginning of your journey, it depends on your connection with your viewers. They want to spend their free time watching you do crazy stuff, and after some time they’re becoming more connected to your channel, even to the point that they will tip you just to show up on the stream and hear that “Thank you XYZ for your donation!” from you.

    It will take time to get some real viewers to your channel so try to engage them as much as you can. It can be the hardest part to break through that barrier of three constant viewers, because if you have more people that are watching you, then your channel will appear higher on the twitch platform front page, or recommended page. So every single person matters a lot to you at the start. Ok, but how much do small twitch streamers make?

    We’re going to estimate the range for a full month period, also let’s say for calculations:

    • 5 average viewers
    • 5 broadcasts per week
    • 4 hours average per broadcast

    Those numbers you can get easily in your first month of live streaming,

    also, you can create a bond between yourself and your viewers. Those numbers will give us about 80 hours of streaming in total. In that time, and the number of viewers, based on knowledge and statistics from our fellow twitch streamers, would be right to assume to earn about 50$ USD from donations, 10$ USD from subscriptions, and 20$ USD from any other sources, like affiliation, additional ads or twitch bits.

    Keep in mind, that knowledge comes from twitch streamers that are way past those numbers, but 80$ USD in total should be totally doable with those numbers. From the statistics that we’ve gathered the range was from 30$ USD to even 400$ USD in the month after reaching that starting point of 5 average viewers.

    What to do to increase your average viewers’ number?

    Try to make some connection, like saying hello to everyone that comes to watch your stream, try to make small talk, or even ask them a question, in that way they will be obligated to answer you, and that will make it for them more engaging. That is the best way to get first viewers, try to make a simple relationship between all of you. Make a Facebook group or a discord server, where you can post funny stuff related to our viewers, that’s how a community is created.

    how much do small twitch streamers make

    Also, learn more about social media like Instagram or TikTok where you can find your potential audience, and make them come to your main platform which should be the twitch channel. We also have a great article about how to get more views on TikTok. Social media nowadays are an essential part of your success so don’t forget about them.

    At first create an account on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook groups, you can post their notifications when your stream will start, that way you can remind them to come to visit your twitch stream. Also, it’s important to say something about your social media on your stream, to make people follow you there, you can say something like: “If you like this stream like my Instagram to get notifications about next every Livestream”.

    Make it regular – If you can force yourself to pick one hour that suits you to start a stream, you will make your viewers remember that every Thursday at 17:00 you start your stream, that’s easier to remember than starting at a different hour every day. To make it more simple, try to pick one hour for every day of the week, like “Hey, guys my Livestream starts at 18:00 every day!” That way is way easier to remember.

    The more you put into this channel the faster you will see it grow, make yourself different from any other streamer out there. Maybe you show yourself as a gamer girl that streams mainly horror games!

    In summary, How much do small twitch streamers make?

    It depends on your engagement, but on average you can expect 80$ USD after a full month, but not at the start, only after you’ve reached that start line of 5 viewers on average on your live stream.

    Think of it as a long process, none of those top streamers made their first income the first time live streaming. Most important thing is to don’t force yourself, if you can see that it’s not fun for you then try to think about your ideas once more. After some time your viewers will help you to overcome some barriers and keep you going with it so stay positive!

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