How Often Does A Woman Cry? – (Tips To Avoid It)

Have you ever wondered how often does a woman cry? Maybe that’s because you are worried about your own mental health due to some tragic events in your past, like a recent breakup with your boyfriend or even something worse. Those events can lead to many health problems like serious depression. Don’t worry because We’ve created recently a poll and asked our audience “How often do you cry?” We will show you our results in this article, so stay with us.

We did our research about this topic on the entire internet and compared them to our poll to give you the most relevant possible results. The most important factor is

the age, and current social status of a woman, for example, if she’s still single, married, or a widow.

  • A single woman cries about 4.7 times per month.
  • A married woman cries about 1.4 times per month.
  • A widowed woman cries about 3.6 times per month.

Single woman on average cries more than a married or widowed woman, and that’s because she has a lot of things in her life that can still surprise her, most of them are related to love, and relationships. When a woman is more mentally stable in a relationship and has a family that number goes drastically down. A married woman should have strong support with family, and that helps to prevent any crying, also as a mother she needs to stay strong and show her kids how to behave.

how often does a woman cry
How often does a woman cry?

A woman that has a lot of false relationships, tends to cry more, and that number goes up even more when a woman is a widow for some reason. From the age perspective, it looks a bit different:

  • A woman in the age range of 13 – 18 cries about 4.8 times per month.
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  • A woman in the age range of 18 – 25 cries about 3.6 times per month.
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  • A woman in the age range of 25 – 35 cries about 2.8 times per month.
  • A woman in the age range of 35 – 50 cries about 3.1 times per month.
  • A woman with more the age of 50 or more, cries about 1.7 times per month.
  • We can clearly see that when a woman gets older she cries on average less, with a few exceptions, but for overall statistics, it’s a true statement, and the trend is going downwards.

    Why does a woman cry?

    An average woman has strong emotions related to family, relationships, and love, and every time when something goes wrong and is connected to one of those above then she can react with a cry.

    So for example when she had a quarrel with her boyfriend, and it doesn’t matter who’s a fault it was she can react with a cry, because a typical woman has a limit of emotions on low level and whenever that limit is crossed then it’s natural to react with a cry. If you are a man it can be hard to understand, but it doesn’t need to be strictly related to her because you have a limit of emotions at a way higher level.

    cry less

    For example when she has a friend who is also a girl, and that girl did break up with her boyfriend then, so it is not strictly related to that first girl, but anyway

    they will both cry if their friendship is strong enough. That’s an example of how soft can be a normal woman.

    Do women cry more than men?

    When we compare a woman to a man in terms of “how often do they cry” they have a totally different threshold of emotions when is crossed then they react with a cry. From our statistics, women tend to cry about 3 more times often than men.

    Men are learned from their childhood to be strong, manly and that being soft is something bad. That’s not something we should advise, but everyone is different and we shouldn’t force them to match parents’ requirements, and that’s the most common reason why men cry less than women.

    How to cry less often?

    Trying to cry less is not something that we can do overnight. It’s going to be hard for us and sometimes it can be unhealthy because for example if someone cries less then her emotions in most cases will be stored inside her, and that can lead to many health issues. Crying isn’t the problem itself, because that is just a way for our body to deal with stress and things that are hard emotionally for us.

    If we want to cry less, then we have to learn other ways for our bodies to fight stress, then crying will be only one of your many options to pick. There are many ways to deal with stress and emotions but many are simply unhealthy like alcohol, drugs or smoking so it’s important to learn only healthy ways to deal with stress and for that, we have created a big article about “Healthy ways to deal with stress” so make sure to check it out.

    do women cry more than men

    That will lower your need to cry, with other good methods, but the best way is simply to face the problem yourself.

    • If you cried because you failed an exam, then stand tall and become better for the next exam.
    • If your friend disappointed you, then say it to him or her, and have a conversation about it.
    • If your boyfriend has cheated on you, then think if you want to break up and if now face him and prepare for a long conversation.

    So as you can see the conversation and facing your problems is a great solution to your issues, and that will let you develop your charisma as well and many people like charismatic women, especially guys!

    If you have someone you can trust like an old friend or very good boyfriend then try to tell them everything whenever you feel like crying, let them help you and maybe both of you will find solutions to your problems.

    To summarize this up – How often does a woman cry?

    If we bring every number from this article get the average of that, then we can say that an average woman cries about 3 times per month, but we highly recommend you to check for yourself what is the exact number for your social status and age, as you can see above in this article.

    Don’t worry if you cry too often, it’s just your body’s reaction to deal with emotions and hiding emotions isn’t healthy for the long-term, so try to talk with your boyfriend or an old friend about your problems, that should be a quick solution to cry less overall.

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