How Old Should You Be To Have A Boyfriend?

It’s good to have someone that you can rely on, even when you are young yourself. There are many problems that you have to face when you’re a teenager and adults don’t see them or just ignore them.

We’re here to help you answer your question, so many of our younger audience have asked us “How old should you be to have a boyfriend?” and in this

article, we’ll get into details about this topic, how old you should be? What to do with your boyfriend? How to get a boyfriend at your age? Stay with us to learn more about this topic!

The Experts recommend being at least 16 to have a boyfriend or just to date with boys, but we all know that it’s a bit too late for modern teenagers, so most girls start to date at the age of 12 on average. It’s good to have someone you can trust and rely on, at a similar age to yours. If you want to know more about having a boyfriend at that young age is good for you then stay with us.

how old should you be to have a boyfriend

Can I have a boyfriend at 12?

Yes, you can, but you should be responsible if you decide to have a boyfriend! Everyone that says you shouldn’t have a boyfriend is probably thinking about weird things like kissing and sleeping together, and yea both things aren’t normal at this age and you shouldn’t do those, but if you don’t do it you still can have a boyfriend. Having a boyfriend isn’t focused on the “lewd pleasure” it should be focused on having someone close, to have fun with, and to talk about problems.

It’s probably not a person you will spend the rest of your life with but, someone even more than a friend, but remember that you shouldn’t break that barrier of “lewd things”, and wait with those until you will be a bit older.

Show your parents that you are a responsible person, that will pay off later! But having your first date is totally fine because that date won’t differ from a normal meeting with friends, and that’s good.

What to with my boyfriend at 16?

When you’re a bit older, like 16 then you have a lot more to do, especially girls at your age tend to have older boyfriends, so if your boyfriend is currently above 18 you will have a lot of opportunities to do, like getting into his car a taking a journey to the lake, or some other romantic place.

At that age, we can assume that you’re looking for adventure, something that will give both of you adrenaline, something that you will remember for a long time,

so we recently posted a great article on the wildest things to do with your boyfriend make sure to check it out if you want to have great memories.

Being a teenager is great, but remember to stay responsible! Even if you are both around 16 then you have a lot of things to do, just you don’t know what to do

yet. In 2021 we, unfortunately, had to spend a lot of time in our house due to restrictions, but don’t be worried, because we prepared a few propositions about what you can do with your boyfriend at home.

first date

How to find a boyfriend?

It’s not as easy as many of us think, especially at times when we are forced to stay at home. For this, we have our smartphones, so there are a lot of mobile applications for android and iPhone that you can use to find someone who will text with you or even date you.

Apps like tinder have a lot of potential, but you should learn how to use them properly to get tons of likes and make your search for “perfect boyfriend” faster and more efficient.

So check out our new article about getting likes on tinder, there we will show you what you should and should not do with this up and how to increase the number of your average likes.

The main issue is when we have found a proper match, should you start a conversation or what topic you should write about, those and many other questions we’re answering in an article about the small talk on tinder, make sure to check it out if you need some advice.

In summary – How old should you be to have a boyfriend?

The average age for girls to have a first date is 12 but don’t be worried if you didn’t have any date yet! It’s not something that you should be sad about, most of those “dates” at that age are nothing special, they will look like normal meeting with your friends so you are not missing anything if you still didn’t have your first date.

Even when it comes to having a boyfriend, at that age, a boyfriend means “a good friend of the opposite gender”, you won’t be able to do much, and at that age having a boyfriend is just a simple way to show off around your friends.


Remember that being in a relationship isn’t about pleasure, but it should be something you want to put your soul and heart into. Most adults are guided by the q

uestion “Do I want to spend the rest of my life with that person?”.

So you should be responsible and don’t fall into the cool kids’ trap, and be above that! Don’t let them guide your life, because you’re the person in charge of your own life, and at that moment you should hang out with your closest friends that you can rely on and have fun!

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