How To Friendzone A Guy You Led On? – (Tips To Make It Easy)

Are you too wondering if staying in a friendship relationship with your ex is a good thing? How to friendzone a guy you led on? It all depends on your previous situation too. In this post, we’ll touch on this hot topic and answer the more important questions.

So how to friendzone a guy you led on? Depending on your previous relationship situation, you can stay in a good relationship with your ex, spend time togethe

r, help with problems or respect each other.

Is it worth living in a friendship after a breakup?

By this we mean, of course, a healthy relationship where you stay with significant others who respect you and are willing to help. If you’ve been in a relationship for many years and it has resulted in children and shared elements of your life, it’s difficult to give them up straight away.

Unfortunately, according to research, staying friends with your ex has more negatives than, say, casual relationships with friends. We always need to think about whether this situation will work for both parties, whether it is a forceful or limiting situation for one of the people involved. Just as there are many human personalities, there are also many life situations.

How To Friendzone A Guy You Led On?
How To Friendzone A Guy You Led On?

Why do we want to stay in friendship?

According to a study that American magazines carried out on groups of people. This identified quite a few reasons for wanting to stay friends with your ex, here are some of the more important groups:

  • Sentimentality, can occur when former partners have had quite a few years together, know each other very well and simply enjoy each other’s company
  • Romantic relationship, is when for example one partner has feelings for the other and hopes that things will still change
  • Children are one of the main reasons why ex-partners stay on friendly terms, they want the children to suffer as little as possible from the break-u
  • Pragmatism, where at least one ex-partner sees an interest in continuing the relationship. This could be shared work, interests, or assets
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  • Socializing, to avoid awkwardness in a shared group of friends; after all, many couples are seen by their friends as the perfect match. While living together, they bicker or avoid each other
  • Ongoing sexual relations, which continue even after the relationship has ended

Is a friendship worth living for?

So how do you know if it’s worth investing time in a friendship with your ex, or if you should give up the idea? First, ask yourself what are you missing:

  • A sense of humor, witty banter, ideas for an interesting evening out, life energy?
  • Or rather arms, kisses, sex, and comfort?
  • Do you feel jealous when you think of the other person in someone else’s arms, or do you focus on your own hopes for a new relationship?
  • Do you just feel like chatting with someone about the good old days, reminiscing, or comforting each other in a bad moment?
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If you have good intentions, it’s worth a try and sees if both parties are happy with it. There’s no one formula for what to do or how to behave, sometimes you just have to try.

Negative situations of friendship with an ex

Can an ended relationship become the foundation of a friendship? Is it worth considering then how to friendzone a guy you led on? Sometimes yes, but it requires a lot of time and certain conditions. However, there are situations where saying “let’s stay friends” is not the best solution. What situations are we talking about?

  • A difference in approach, one of you really wants friendship, while the other treats this proposal only as a synonym for a breakup. In this case, the pain of the break-up lasts even longer, because while you convince yourself that the other party wants friendship, your/your ex convinces themselves that they can walk away sneakily if they try hard enough. This situation is not good for anyone, and it is best to give it up straight away
  • A weak relationship, if you never had a good foundation for friendship in the relationship, then even more, so after it ends. Relationships that fall apart because the partners had almost nothing in common except lust or were unable to communicate openly without shouting at each other have little chance of maintaining a friendship if sex is removed from the relationship. Is there anything worth saving, or is it better to give up after all?
  • Disrespect and mistreatment, when one partner uses their superiority, disrespects, or restricts the other person, then it is best to end the relationship and cut off contact. Start living again in your own way, and keep your happiness in mind.
  • Jealousy, is when one (or both) of you will become very jealous or possessive if the other one starts dating someone else. Because of this, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy friendship after a breakup, at least for a long time. It is also hard to hide a new relationship yourself, which is becoming more and more serious. Perhaps this wouldn’t be a problem after a long time, but not right away.
  • A neglected relationship, you have not given your relationship enough time to die a natural death. Even if your relationship started out as a friendship and developed into a relationship but you parted ways, seeing that you got along better as friends, you still need some time and space for each of you to return fully to each other as independent individuals. Otherwise, the friendship could become tainted by issues from the failed relationship.

We know that every situation is different, and it’s always worth considering how to friendzone a guy you led on. However, consider whether your relationship was too unsuccessful or toxic to continue in that relationship. In this article, you can in turn read about why men treat women like objects.

In Summary – How to friendzone a guy you led on?

You might come to the conclusion that many of us would not want to remain friends after a failed relationship – after all, no one likes to be dumped, and reactions like “OK, then let’s stay friends” are extremely rare.

It’s not just about someone’s ego, it’s primarily a defense mechanism. When someone dumps us, they send a clear message that they are not happy with us.

However, it’s often worth thinking about how to friendzone a guy you led on we ran into and rethink our situation. Here you can see what the statistics look like on the reasons why relationships break up.

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