How To Get Fake Likes On Instagram? (Tips For Beginners)

We all know how hard it is to start something new with social media like Instagram, where is almost impossible to get any new followers. Because the only way to get new people as followers of your profile you will need some views, likes, or even shares, but how can you do that if you don’t have any followers? It’s one of the obstacles that we have to overcome to become an influencer. So that’s why many people ask “How to get fake likes on Instagram?” to even start their career or just increase the number of followers.

There are some methods to let you get fake likes on Instagram and also increase the number of new followers. One of those methods is simple to <

strong>“follow for follow”, that way if you follow someone else’s profile then he or she will follow you back after some time. Also similar to this method is “like for like” so if you start giving likes to profiles you already follow then they will try to follow you back. Both methods are simple but they work! Especially if you do both at once! Want to learn more about it? Stay with Us!

Let’s explain how you can do both at once, so follow some profiles that can have a similar audience to yours then if they post something you will give them likes without even thinking, that person will start to feel guilt and there is a chance that he or she will give you a follow and like for your content. Likes and follows are totally free, and unlimited so even if someone won’t that person won’t follow you back then it’s fine.


Can “follow for follow” benefits my Instagram profile?

Of course, it can, especially if you’re near zero followers, that way will let you start slowly. That way you will know the account you just followed has the right type of audience that can also boost your profile in the future. That way you will get your 10 views for every new post, and that’s something! Finally, after some time, you will get likes and new organic followers. The same method is used on many other sites that are based on following other users, like growing a channel on Twitch or looking for a lover on Tinder.

This method is not going to make you thousands of new followers or likes, but Instagram’s algorithm can help you with that.

How does Instagram’s algorithm work?

So Instagram’s algorithm works like that: If you have views and likes there is a chance that someone who’s not following you will be able to see your content, and if he or she likes it then you can make a new follower. To make it more detailed, If someone from your “follow for follow” method will like your post then, their audience will have a high chance to see that post as well.

Instagram’s algorithm can suggest to any user your content if it finds a good match between your profile and that user. Let’s say you have a beauty profile on Instagram, and there is a user called “xBeautyLover1” and she follows many beauty profiles and gives them likes, that way Instagram knows that your profile is also a good match for her and sometimes your post will appear on her feed. That’s similar to many social media portals.

So each like on your post counts, but how about sharing? That’s even better, because if someone shares your content then you have a 100% chance that their audie

nce will see your post, but sharing is a lot less common on social media, let’s say for a post that brings 20 000 views, you will get a 1000 likes, and about 5 shares so as you can see the ratio difference of likes to shares is just huge.

So as we can see the best method is to create good content for your profile and keep doing it for a longer period of time that will get some likes and shares.

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how to get fake likes on Instagram

Are there any other methods for likes and followers?

There are a lot of ways but the most common is to just simply buy likes on merchant sites like Amazon, or eBay. That way you can get 1000 likes for 10$ USD, so it’s not that expensive, but you have to know that those likes won’t be what you think. There will be a lot of 3rd worlds, and that gives you that much of a boost to your account so don’t expect too much. It will look weird if you have only one post with a thousand likes and the rest of your content has about 1 to 10 likes, it will look suspicious. 

Also, you can buy followers the same way as likes but it will be more expensive and it will cost about 30$ USD for 1000 followers. Don’t expect them to watch your content, those will be fake, hollow users with 0 interest to watch anything you will post in the future, so that will only increase the number on your profile. The same problem is going to be with followers if you have 10 000 followers and your content is liked by only 1 to 10 people, then anyone will know that you just bought that number of followers.

So is it worth your money? I guess it’s not, even for that cheap price. Remember that many successful profiles that bought likes were aiming for different goals, for example, if a profile with 9 000 organic followers wants to show how good they are they will buy only about 1 000 fake followers to make them look bigger in eyes of other people and break that barrier of a 10k likes. In that ratio, a simple user won’t notice that something is off.

The websites that can sell you those types of deals can be sometimes shady, also there will be a lot of spam for your message box on Instagram from random people, with offers to sell you likes, which shows how common is this method.

In summary – How to get fake likes on Instagram

There are many ways, few of them can really boost your profile and help you at the beginning of your journey. Remember that the best way to get more likes for your profile is hard work and simply creating good content for a long time like months. Make sure to also check our new article “How to get more views on TikTok?” You will be able to see that many applications use a similar algorithm with likes as that one on Instagram.

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