What To Do If I Have Disappointed My Boyfriend?

Disappointing someone is something that can hurt us, even if we didn’t lose anything due to that. The trust that someone has put in us and unfortunately we failed his or her expectation will make sad both of us. Because of the relationship we have with that person we would like to make him or her happy no matter what, but sometimes it is impossible. Today we will focus on a simple thought “I have disappointed my boyfriend” If you did disappoint someone else, then no worries because we are sure that you will find your answers here as well.

To put it simply, disappointing someone can’t be always avoided, but we should try to meet the expectations, if unfortunately, we have failed to do that then we should immediately have a sincere chat with that person. There is a special scheme for that chat and we will present it to you. We will give you a lot of examples that maybe you will be able to relate to.

What To Do If I Have Disappointed My Boyfriend?
What To Do If I Have Disappointed My Boyfriend?

How should I talk with my boyfriend?

It all depends on the situation because they can vary a lot from each other but the overall idea is to do those steps:

  1. Ask him to talk about it together -If that person gave you the signal that something isn’t right, and you love that person then you should immediately try to talk it over because it can ruin your relationship if you both won’t talk about it.
  2. Apologize if the situation needs to – Maybe you promised something and you eventually did otherwise, then you should apologize, but if it is something that mostly depends on the others like an interview for a job, or winning a competition then you should not apologize. If you don’t have full control over something then you shouldn’t apologize unless you did a promise, because after breaking a promise you should always apologize to a person you made that promise with.
  3. Tell what you are planning to do with it – Most of us will make another promise which can give your boyfriend a bad signal that you can’t keep your promises. So don’t make another promise and just talk about what you are planning to do with it. It highly depends on the situation but maybe you should tell that you will study more, or avoid those mistakes in the future.
  4. Putting effort into fixing it – After all of the words, you should turn that chat you have had with him into actions, show him how much you regret it.

Try to avoid any possible quarrels because it will only make things worse, and at this point, it can have a huge impact on your relationship that’s why we have created an article about it “Is It Normal To Argue With Your Boyfriend? – (Tips To Avoid It)“. Make sure to check it out before you talk about it.

How should I talk with my boyfriend?
How should I talk with my boyfriend?

How angry is he with me?

The most crucial part is that what he will tell you after all the talking will be over. Maybe he will forgive you and maybe not, and that will depend on what you have done to cause this whole situation.

Because if you did something small that is not fully controlled by your actions, then it’s highly possible that he will immediately forgive you, but if you have something worse that had full control of like for example cheating with another man, then it will take months or even years for him to forgive you, maybe he will never forgive for that and then you should both think what you want to do with that relationship in the future.

There are two things that can measure how angry is he with you:

  • What is the cause of disappointment
  • How much control did you have had over it

How to show my boyfriend that I am sorry?

The first thing you should think of is how much do you regret those actions, and if you are really angry about your actions (Actions that were the cause of all this mess), then you should show him that, and then put those emotions into something good for the future, like studying more.

Showing how much you regret your actions will be your best solution and putting more effort into fixing all this mess. Maybe you have promised him that you will break a habit, and you still couldn’t do it and even hid it, so your next move should be to follow our steps.

How to show my boyfriend that I am sorry?
How to show my boyfriend that I am sorry?

When you feel like crying then cry, but the most important thing is to prevent any quarrels because that will give you more trouble. Think about what you want to say to him before you start the conversation.

In Summary – What To Do If I Have Disappointed My Boyfriend?

You should talk with that person and avoid any future promises to not make things even worse. To make it simple we have created a step guide with our psychologist Catlin Brown. Those steps are the overall guide and can be used in many different situations, when you care about the person you have disappointed. Only you know what your case really is and only you can solve it, we can wish you good luck!

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