I Treated My Ex Boyfriend Badly And I Want Him Back – (Tips)

Did you ever have remorse in your life? You know when you did something bad, and after a few weeks, you finally realized how bad that decision was. It can be worse if it was related to your boyfriend and through those decisions, he’s now your ex boyfriend. The time has passed and now you know that it was wrong, and you want your boyfriend back. So what should you do when you think “I treated my boyfriend badly and I want him back” then we’ll here for you.

If you finally realized that it was your fault, and you’re the one who treated him badly and that was the cause of your breakup then we’re in the middle o

f solving this problem, what is left is to have a proper conversation with him. If he will hear that you admit your mistakes, and say that the things between you will change for better than they were when you were together then there is a chance that he will get back to you. There are methods that will make it more possible for him to forgive you.

I treated my ex boyfriend badly and I want him back
I treated my ex boyfriend badly and I want him back

How can I convince him to get back to me?

How to Reconcile with your ex boyfriend, is it going to be a hard task? I bet you feel a lot of stress and shame right now after realizing what you have done, and what you want to do. If you feel shame that’s good because deep inside your heart you are a good person, let me explain. Most people don’t even see that they did something wrong, even if they really did. But when they realized that the person behind those mistakes was them all along, they pretend to don’t see it or forget about it as quickly as possible.

So if you have found this article that means you know what you did wrong, and you want to fix those bad decisions, so yes you are a good person! But still, your mistakes should make you ashamed, but also a bit proud that you want to fix them.

If you want to make another decision that will fix your past mistakes then it’s normal to feel stressed, it will be your second great decision on this topic, and you know that first was bad so the second one needs to be good, that’s the reason for your stress.

reconcile with your ex boyfriend
How can I convince him to get back to me?

There are a few things that you have to mention during your conversation if you want your boyfriend back:

  • Tell him that you realized how bad you treated him – If you treated him badly then he tells him that, maybe it was different from his perspective but that will give him overall look at the current situation, and that you have a long spend long hours thinking about this whole situation.
  • Show him that you regret it – If he will be able to see that you really regret it, then you will have a lot easier conversation ahead of
    you, but he needs to trust you, and see what bad are you feeling about it.
  • Say what you want from him now – He needs to know why you even have started this conversation, so say clearly what you expect from him no
    w, for example, that he will forgive you and get back to you.
  • Promise that things will be better this time – He needs to know that something will be different this time, because otherwise he can expect the same things after a few months, so make a promise to treat him well this time. Don’t make empty promises if you don’t want to keep them, so make sure you really are going to change your behavior this time.
  • Tell him what you have in your mind, maybe something special to both of you – I bet you thought about something special, like your future plans, or something similar that you can mention and your thoughts about it, that will make him think about your past.

Remember that it is important to not fake any of those from above, so if one of those is totally wrong with what you feel or have in mind then don’t say that, but if you want to have the highest possible chances for reconciling then every step is important. Also, they are not in a particular order so you can change the order if you want.

You need to change yourself if you want to get him back

If you only have to spend a few hours thinking that you want your boyfriend back and that’s all then it’s going to be hard for your relationship in the near future. Because even if you reconcile with your ex boyfriend then what’s next? You need to change your behavior and treat him well this time.

I treated my boyfriend badly
You need to change yourself if you want to get him back

Otherwise, nothing will change, and that’s why is so important to spend hours thinking about yourself:

  • Why did I treat my boyfriend badly?
  • Am I even able to change the way I Behave around him?
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  • How can I improve and treat him well this time?

Those are really important if you don’t want to make the same mistakes another time, and so simple though “I treated my boyfriend badly” should be a guide for your thoughts.

In summary – I treated my ex boyfriend badly and I want him back

If you want your boyfriend back, then realizing what your mistakes were is the first step on your way to reconcile with your ex boyfriend, then you need to make sure that you won’t make the same mistakes ever again, and finally, you have to have a long conversation with your ex boyfriend to reconcile, but that’s not the end, your last step should be making your relationship better this time and keeping your promises. If you want to know more about how to make your relationship stronger then read our article.

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