Is he too successful for me? – (What Can I Do About It?)

Have you ever wondered if you are a good match for your boyfriend? Or Maybe Is He too successful for me? Don’t worry, most of us women tend to ask those questions but the answer can be complicated and it will depend mostly on your personal case, but we consulted this topic with our Psychologist Catlin Brown to give you the best possible answer.

If you don’t have enough time to read the full article then here is a short answer for you. If your boyfriend’s achievements are far greater than

yours it can lead to many quarrels between you, so to prevent that you should also strive to achieve something great that will make you and him proud. To learn how you can do this, or how to know for sure if he is too successful for you, stay with us and keep reading.

Maybe he is not even your boyfriend yet, and you just comparing yourself to a guy that doesn’t know you exist, either way, we will give you some tips to help you get the information you need and what you should do next with it.

Is he too successful for me?
Is he too successful for me?

How can I be sure if He is too successful for me?

There are some simple ways that will guide you to get that knowledge. For example, try to remember what he has done recently that you can remember and what has had a big impact on both of you. Maybe he got a pay raise at work or found a dream job, or maybe learned something great.

Take a close look at him and what he is doing to achieve those things, maybe he’s spending a lot of hours studying or on personal activities, Now try to look at yourself, maybe you are not doing those things. Maybe in your relationship, your boyfriend is the only one that strives to improve and get better results.

A simple comparison is a key to understanding what’s the difference between you and how huge that gap already is. Many people tend to say that comparing yourself to others is a bad thing, but our Psychologist Catlin Brown says otherwise.

Comparing yourself to others gives you information about what you are missing, what you should improve, and how to become better. Also comparing will make you sad because you will finally realize what are those issues that you have missed, so be prepared to cry before you will try it.

You don’t need any specific tools, just lay down on a bed for about 30 minutes and think about what you can improve, or how to impress him, bec

ause only you know the answers. Open your mind to possibilities and you will discover a lot of things that you have previously missed.

Should I try to catch up to him?

If you have enough courage inside you, then you should definitely try to catch up to him, because that will fix this issue. If you manage to catch up

to him, then he won’t be too successful for you due to your own achievements.

Think about it as a healthy rivalry that can lead both of you to the highest possible levels, just because you want to keep going. That will give you a lot of new possibilities, like getting a better job or making your dreams come true.

should I try to catch up with him
should I try to catch up with him?

But very important thing is that it needs to be healthy, and you need to support each other because that’s the key to success. If you will start to cheat or make another person sad just because you want to get above him, then it’s going to be meaningless and it will cause more harm than good.

So the first thing to remember is that you both need to improve every day, but also hold another person and don’t let him fall behind. Being in a relationship can be hard, but a second person should always be there to hold you up.

In Conclusion – Is he too successful for me?

Only you can know for sure, but if you are really worried about it then try to do something about it. Your best option is to be as successful as he is in your eyes, that will bring you relief, and maybe even it will save your relationship.

Before you try anything you should sit down on a bed for about 30 minutes, and think if your worries are real, and what you can do about them. If you can’t find any solution then talk about it with him. You are a couple for a reason, and he will surely try to support you!

What can I achieve to make my boyfriend proud?

If you want to make your boyfriend proud, there are a few things you can do. First, be the best version of yourself that you can be. Be confident and independent, but also be loving and supportive. Show him that you’re someone he can depend on and be proud of. Secondly, strive to achieve your goals and dreams. Let him be your cheerleader as you work hard to make something of yourself. Finally, always be respectful and considerate of his feelings and needs.

Why my boyfriend doesn’t praise me?

One reason may be that he doesn’t feel like he needs to. He may feel secure in your relationship and doesn’t feel the need to constantly tell you how much

he loves you. Or, he may simply not be the type of person who expresses his emotions verbally.

Another possibility is that he’s afraid of being too complimentary. He may worry that if he tells you how great you are, you’ll start to expect more from him than he’s able to give. Or, he may be afraid that compliments will make you think you’re better than him.

Should I compare myself to my boyfriend?

Comparing yourself to your boyfriend will give you an overall idea of what’s wrong in your relationship. Maybe there are some things that weaken your relationship but you don’t know about them yet. A healthy comparison can make your relationship stronger in a long term.

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