Is It Normal To Argue With Your Boyfriend? – (Tips To Avoid It)

Have you ever had an argument with your boyfriend? Arguing is totally fine when it comes to friends and family but when it comes to really close relationships like lovers then it’s getting hard to evaluate. So is it normal to argue with your boyfriend? How a normal argument with your boyfriend should look like? Should I forget about it and move on? Those and many other questions will be answered here in this article. We did create our pool recently and asked our viewers about this issue, and we’ll show the statistics later.

As a quick answer we’ll say yes, it’s totally fine to argue with your boyfriend, but how loud and mean was that conversation is something different. It’s also hard to judge because when you’re reading this article then you will have only one side view of that problem, but we will try to give you the general look at this situation also with statistics from other lovers.

Is it normal to argue with your boyfriend

Statistics about arguing between lovers

So as we said above, we recently posted on our page and pool and asked girls (because 95% of our audience is female) those two questions:

  • Did you argue in the last month with your boyfriend?
  • Was this one of those mean conversations or a polite one?

When it comes to results… about 58% percent for the question “Did you argue in the last month with your boyfriend?” answered with “Yes”, and the second can shock you but for the question “Was this one of those mean conversations or polite one?” about 31% percent answered, “Mean conversation”.

How we should interpret it? Most couples do argue a lot with each other and it’s totally fine, but almost one-third of them do it in an unhealthy way that can lead their relationship to break up. Unfortunately, we didn’t add any additional questions to the pool, but that can give us an overall look at this problem, so it’s a common issue. Remember that our audience is mostly female based so we have only one side of that problem, and maybe your boyfriend has seen this totally different, maybe he will even not consider this an argument.

Also, note that our audience is based mostly on females in the range of 16 to 35 so it can change a lot if you are outside of that range. If your relationship is older than 5 years that the number of “Mean conversations” should also decrease. For you to compare our statistics you can check the study form

How a normal argument with my boyfriend should look like?

If you just finished an argument a few minutes ago and ran into the internet to seek information then we can calm you down a bit, because the emotions that are left inside you are still active and you’re not thinking straight, we can say that you’re not “sober” right now. For example when you finished a movie a minute ago, and you think it was great but after a few weeks you start to see a lot of new things about it, the emotions are also down and you will give it a lot lower rate than you previously did.

It’s totally normal so you should wait a bit a don’t do anything that you will regret a few weeks or days later. Because if you’re thinking about breaking up then when your emotions will fall down after some time you will start to look at it differently, and see new things, like benefits from being in a close relationship that you don’t see right now.


In the future think about how important is that relationship for you, and try to remember that whenever you will get into an argument with your boyfriend, that way it will be easier to stay on the constructive and polite side of the conversation rather than loud and unhealthy.

Should I forget about our last argument and move on?

Of course not, you have to accept whatever happened and face the reality, so right now you should sit down for a bit and think about things that have been spoken. Try to make constructive arguments and think about how you can show them to your boyfriend, maybe you were right all along but the way was totally bad. And If you came to the conclusion that you were wrong, don’t hide it, tell him that and say “I’m sorry” for it.

Remember that every close quarrel with your boyfriend will make your relationship stronger, that’s how it all works, when you can say mean things to each other and later laugh about it then your bond is getting stronger. So don’t hide it and try to reconcile.

To make it even better try to propose something to change the mood like jogging together, or check out our articles about things that you can do with your boyfriend inside your own house.

In conclusion – Is it normal to argue with your boyfriend?

It’s totally normal to argue with your boyfriend, so don’t worry and try to reconcile. Every quarrel will make your bond stronger. Don’t do anything reckless like breaking up, wait a bit for the emotions to get down a bit, then think about it, and if after that you are still not sure if you want to continue that relationship we have an article about it here.

But you should think about things that you can do with your boyfriend to change the current mood between you, so check our article about the wildest things to do with your boyfriend.

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