Why Is My Boyfriend Always Sleepy Around Me?

Being in a relationship means that you will be spending a lot of time together, and both of you should be well prepared for those meetings and that means a neat appearance, taking care of your own hygiene, and also taking a proper time of sleep.

If one of the above is not met then it can ruin your precious time together, and in this article, we will focus on the last example from the perspective of a girlfrie

nd which is to be precise “Why is my boyfriend always sleepy around me?”, also we will talk what the reasons are and how you can fix it, so stay with us.

Your boyfriend is the one and the only person who should care about your advice and opinion so should have a chat about this issue with him. The most common reason for his behavior is often that he does some exhausting activities before meeting with you. But what he does before meeting with you and what you can do to make him less sleepy we will talk over in the next few paragraphs.

Why is my boyfriend always sleepy around me?

Above we have mentioned that the most common reason for him being sleepy are some activities that he does before meeting with you, but there are many more reasons that can be true in your case, so we would like to talk about them also.

The reasons why your boyfriend is always sleepy around you:

  • He is tired after some activities – People do a lot of things throughout the day, so it is totally normal, but some activities will make you more tired than others, for example, a hard 8 hours spent fixing a car will make him very tired.
  • He did not take much sleep last night – Sometimes when you have to do something important you will have to sleep less because you need to get things done, also when you are bothered but something you won’t be able to fall asleep quickly, which will result in you getting less sleep that night.
  • Your meetings are too comfortable – When you plan on doing things like walking in a park or sitting at a cafe, then for most men those things
    will be a bit too lazy and comfortable which will make them more sleepy.
  • You are meeting very late – Maybe you tend to meet very late in the evenings when it is almost a time to sleep.
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We often tend to falsely believe when someone is sleepy then he is also bored but that is not true. It is common belief when someone is bored then after a while he will fall asleep but that’s totally not how it works.

So that means that your boyfriend is just exhausted and not simply tired of you or bored by spending time with you. You can relax a bit and think about ways to solve it.

What my boyfriend does before meeting with me?

Everyone should find a time in their busy days to take at least a quick nap, but you should aim for at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Sometimes it is hard to find that spare 2 hours to get a quick nap, especially when you had a rough day.

Why is my boyfriend always sleepy around me?
Why is my boyfriend always sleepy around me?

You should already know what your boyfriend is doing before your meetings because you are his girlfriend and you should have talked a lot in the past, so you know what his normal day looks like.

Couples tend to meet in the evenings so it is almost the end of the day which means there were a lot of activities done before your meeting. Some of those activities can be:

  • Job
  • School
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  • Home duties
  • Entertainments
  • Computer

What I can do to make my boyfriend less sleepy?

One of the best solutions to that problem could be to meet your partner earlier that day. Because meeting your partner in the evening will make him or her more tired due to typical daily activities.

But before looking for solutions you have to learn what your problem really is about. So make sure to talk with your boyfriend about potential reasons, and by using our lists and tips from above you will know your boyfriend’s reason for being sleepy.

You can try to make your meetings more crazy and wild, for example by including some sports in them. Men do like sports, so try to think about sports that you both will like, maybe kayaking, badminton or even swimming.

Sports will make the adrenaline pump up to a high level which will surely prevent your boyfriend from getting sleepy, also bring a good coffee as an extra boost if he will still be sleepy after sports.

Let’s summarize this up – Why is my boyfriend always sleepy around me?

You can’t think about it as a sign that he is tired of you, or you are just boring because that is not how being sleepy works. If he is sleepy then that means that he is simply exhausted, as we have mentioned above where we noted more specific reasons.

You should try to talk about this issue with him and solve it because when your partner is sleepy then it can ruin the mood or even a whole meeting, so try to prevent it by using one of our methods.

One of the potential solutions can be finding a good and active way to spend your next date, and we also have a great article about it that will let you find a perfect idea for an active date “Best Idea For A Date – (Things You Have Never Tried Before)“.

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